The short version:

I’m Sarah; a food-obsessed mum of two kiddies and two rescue cats, a collector of degrees (don’t ask), and a lover of crafts (primarily knitting and crotchet).  I am vegan for the animals, for the environment, and for my conscience.


The longer version:

I love living frugally.

My husband and I love to travel and try to go away somewhere new once a year without this kids (it was far more frequent than that pre-kids).

I dream of owning and running an animal sanctuary one day (mostly rescuing donkeys, pigs, and chickens but I doubt it would be limited to them since I want to rescue all the animals in need).

I love, love, love tattoos.  So far I have 3 but my collection is rapidly growing.

I love cosy blankets.

I love warm winter tights in bright colours.

I love my sofa and my bed. Yup, I’m a lazy girl at heart, no shame.

So this blog has taken on many forms over the years, but one thing that’s been consistent is my commitment to veganism.  Not unlike before, you’ll find me chattering away mostly about vegan stuff and family life.  Occasionally there may be some helpful stuff and recipes.  There may well be the odd rant or reflection.  I like to keep this space pretty easy going.

What you won’t find on my blog is beautifully styled photos of food or fancy food. I love simple cooking without too many complicated ingredients or steps (see note above about being lazy).  I use my iPhone mostly to take food photos as I can’t be bothered to get my fancy camera out most of the time.  Basically, if I’m taking a picture of food it means I’m about to eat it therefore I don’t want to waste time taking photos when I could be happily chomping away.  As far as I’m aware I’m not a wannabe cookbook author or author in waiting. I just want to chat and blog about things I love and connect with other vegans through it.

That’s pretty much it.  Feel free to email me or leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just getting into Fodmap and love your info and approach!


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