On Vegan Parenting

Hi guys,

Just wanted to eagerly stop by to point you in the direction of an exciting new venture of mine with the Vegan Lifestyle Association. ¬†I’m going to be blogging over on their VEGAN24¬†News site as part of their Vegan Baby Diaries about raising vegan kids.

vegan_adapt_600px WRITER

I’m not an expert, and I defo won’t be claiming to be. ¬†My aim is simply to share my experiences of healthfully and confidently raising Theo and Anwen as weegans (for the most part). ¬†You can find my first post here.


This also marks a change in direction for my blog. Over the next 6 months or so I hope to make this blog into more of a resource for vegan families (obvs food will be a feature).  There will not be a regular posting schedule (I know, shock).  Instead I will just blog about helpful and interesting things about vegan family living, fave foods, recipes, etc, as and when.  So my posts and blogging will (hopefully) be more about quality than quantity.

Exciting!  Hope you will join me for the ride.


Weeks #46 & #47

Yo, yo, yo!

Absence. ¬†Again. ¬†For the last¬†two weeks I’ve been pretty consumed with Anwen’s first birthday, and Theo having tonsilitis.¬†This week I’ve been in recovery mode. ¬†Man, motherhood. ¬†Loving it.

Anyways, pictures.  Can you tell my brain is shot?  I just cannot make one sentence flow naturally into another.



These kitty cats have settled in so well now. ‚̧




Last Wednesday Anwen turned one. ¬†I obsessed over it for at least the month leading up to it. ¬†My baby is almost a toddler. ¬†I must confess, now that it’s over I feel mostly relieved. ¬†We made it through the first year; with two children under the age of 3. ¬†Phew!




Here are some food shots I actually remembered to take.  Top one is a leftovers mish-mash, followed by chana masala, thai chilli and basil tofu takeaway (obvs), and sunday lunch at my parents featuring one of Mr Nice Pie pies.  I flipping love those pies.


New head shot for my blog. ¬†That’s the best I can do.


Selfie of me and A. ‚̧


Downtime at the hairdressers with my new kindle. ¬†The other one died a sudden death. It was super old, so I’m loving the technology of the new one. ¬†It links up to my Good Reads account, hurrah!

Coffee date with this guy. ‚̧


Tons of evening sofa time watching the new marvel series, Jessica Jones.  So good.

And that concludes the whistle stop tour of the last two weeks!  Hope your weekend has started well. x