On Vegan Parenting

Hi guys,

Just wanted to eagerly stop by to point you in the direction of an exciting new venture of mine with the Vegan Lifestyle Association. ¬†I’m going to be blogging over on their VEGAN24¬†News site as part of their Vegan Baby Diaries about raising vegan kids.

vegan_adapt_600px WRITER

I’m not an expert, and I defo won’t be claiming to be. ¬†My aim is simply to share my experiences of healthfully and confidently raising Theo and Anwen as weegans (for the most part). ¬†You can find my first post here.


This also marks a change in direction for my blog. Over the next 6 months or so I hope to make this blog into more of a resource for vegan families (obvs food will be a feature).  There will not be a regular posting schedule (I know, shock).  Instead I will just blog about helpful and interesting things about vegan family living, fave foods, recipes, etc, as and when.  So my posts and blogging will (hopefully) be more about quality than quantity.

Exciting!  Hope you will join me for the ride.


Happy 2016!

Happy new year, lovely people!

This year has started well. ¬†There are no resolutions, no diets or detoxes; only hope. ¬†Hope for more sleep, hope for a new normal now that we have left the baby bubble behind (sob). ¬†This year promises to be busy as I’m returning to work (long story short – this wasn’t initially the plan but I need to maintain my nursing registration for now). ¬†I feel a little apprehensive about work, and getting the right family-work-life balance. ¬†We’ll see.

So my blogging obviously was lower down on the priority list than I would have liked come December of last year. ¬†And the photos of the week fizzled out. ¬†After all these years of blogging I should just accept that I cannot blog on schedule. ¬†I’d much rather blog as and when I feel I have something that others may want to read; a product I love, a new recipe, a great restaurant I’ve discovered. ¬†So that’s my plan. ¬†The focus will continue to be all things vegan (obvs). ¬†Stay tuned! ¬†I have a great product review coming up this weekend too.

Hope your new year has started well! x