Happy 2016!

Happy new year, lovely people!

This year has started well.  There are no resolutions, no diets or detoxes; only hope.  Hope for more sleep, hope for a new normal now that we have left the baby bubble behind (sob).  This year promises to be busy as I’m returning to work (long story short – this wasn’t initially the plan but I need to maintain my nursing registration for now).  I feel a little apprehensive about work, and getting the right family-work-life balance.  We’ll see.

So my blogging obviously was lower down on the priority list than I would have liked come December of last year.  And the photos of the week fizzled out.  After all these years of blogging I should just accept that I cannot blog on schedule.  I’d much rather blog as and when I feel I have something that others may want to read; a product I love, a new recipe, a great restaurant I’ve discovered.  So that’s my plan.  The focus will continue to be all things vegan (obvs).  Stay tuned!  I have a great product review coming up this weekend too.

Hope your new year has started well! x



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