Week #45

Yet another week that went by in a blur!  This parenting gig is getting a little tricky now that Theo has to share more with Anwen.  By the time evening rolls by and I have to cook a meal I am tending to prefer the sofa over the stove.  A compromise has been quick meals that are sofa friendly…


Veggie chilli leftovers, with a veggie burger to bulk the meal out, and sriracha.


Super easy stir-fried veg and tofu, with an almond and thai red curry sauce, and rice noodles.


I made this juice one day to try to balance out all the beige food that has been in my life of late.  It was hardcore green.  Tom loved it more than I did.  I could have done with more ginger but I think that was down to my juicer rather than the recipe.


I’ve been trying to do some life planning (that sounds pretty major, ha).  The fact of the matter is that when the kiddos start school I’m going to need to contribute to our income once again.  But I will also need a job that can work around family life.  Returning to nursing isn’t an option as the profession pretty much demands that it comes before everything else in one’s life.  I loved nursing but my family will always be my top priority and anything that takes away from this is a no-go.  I didn’t get very far with figuring anything out but I sure enjoyed the biscuits and chocolate.


Saturday morning I had the whole morning to myself!  No kids.  I decided to try to be just a little organised and start christmas shopping.  It turns out that shopping is hungry work!  After seeing Pret’s vegan range on social media I made a pit stop there.  I tried their red pepper, avo and flaked almonds sandwich (can’t remember its actual name).  Got to be honest, it wasn’t great but it filled a space.  It had potential but something was missing… seasoning?  olives? Not sure.

Oh, and this happened.


Got my first tattoo!  At the ripe old age of 33.  I’ve wanted a tattoo of picasso’s dove for so long that I decided to just get on with it.  It’s funny but having it done has caused me to reflect a lot on feminism and tattoos.  I may publish a post on this soon.

Hope your week has started well!


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