Week #40

Happy weekend!

This week has been a funny old week.  It started off well but went down hill.  However, I’ll save that for another day as I’ve decided to follow paperbagblog’s lead and start doing photos of the week to recap each week.   So for today’s post I’ll recap last week (#40 0f the year).  Ok, I think I’m confusing myself…  Hopefully tomorrow/Monday I’ll post this week’s recap (#41).

Honestly I can’t remember much about the previous week in my sleep-deprived haze.  Here are some of the food highlights…


On the Tuesday a friend and I had planned to go to our crafts meet up but it wasn’t on!  We got our dates confused.  Seeing as the dads were on babysitting duty we decided to treat ourselves to drinks and dinner at our local pub.  This was a portbello mushroom burger with chips.  The chips were amazing, the burger not so much.


Saturday we were at the wedding of the frontman of Tom’s band.  Goodness it was stressful with the kids, but they did so well.  The food was amazing!  It was morrocan themed so there was flatbread and hummus (always good), and plenty of salads containing the usual salad veg as well as lentils and grains.


Tom stayed out for the evening part of the wedding whilst I took the kids home to bed.  After which I relaxed with my crotchet and a large glass of vino (and a chic flic).


Sunday has become pasta day in our house.  Honestly, I rarely fancy pasta but when I have it I’m reminded how good this simple meal is.  Even better than this was that we got the ball rolling on something that is very exciting to our family, and close to my vegan heart.  I’ll share as soon as I know if it’s going to work out.


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