Typically another month has past since I last wrote here.  Despite my absence I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and the direction I wish it to take.  Obvo it’s going to stay vegan, and mainly be about food.  But I’m thinking of making it more resourceful for UK vegans.  Stay tuned.

We’ve been bumbling along and I’ve got loads of good meal pics to share with you.  Here’s some of the faves from this past month…


Nice and simple.  LM’s veggie sausages with roasted veg.


Date night! Vegan burger and chips at one of The Lounges.


Oh. my. word.  This was Dreena Burton’s cashew-ginger tofu (subbed the cashew butter for almond butter).  It was brilliant.


So I had gone off take-away for a while, but something has since changed.  I cannot get enough of this chilli basil tofu from one of our local Thai places.  It’s so good.  MSG heaven.

Ok, I’m going to leave it at that.  Sad Vegan MoFo passed me by this year but I loved reading other people’s entries.

Keep an eye out for some good changes around here.  Fingers crossed.


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