Hi, hi, hi


I seem to be exceptionally good at taking unscheduled blogging breaks; as you guys know by now. There were many reasons for this that I’m not going to go into. But I’m hoping to be back now 🙂




Life has been ambling along with my two.  Anwen is now 9 months old; how did that happen?!  She’s just started crawling and I feel like all of us have found a new groove.  Her appetite for food is entirely mood dependent which makes getting her onto solids challenging.  Nothing like her brother.  Theo took to food with gusto.  Now I understand the stress that comes with having a picky eater.  Not sure where she gets that from.

We’ve had a lot of indoor play since the summer has been typically British.  Luckily, I’m all about moderate weather- it suits me well.

I’ve been trying to get back into wholefoods after getting out of the habit of eating well.  I’ve been maximising on the sleep deprivation excuse.  Whilst the sleep is still terrible, I think I’ve flaunted that card too much.  I’m trying to get back on the healthy eating train.  I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight without any effort so it’s more to get my mind and body onto an even kilter than anything else.  I’m considering treating myself to a new vegan cookbook to get me back into the zone…  We shall see.


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