Vegan MoFo 2014 – Mediterranean Meals Monday

It’s this year’s Vegan Month of Food and I decided to take the plunge and commit.  Crazy, right, considering I can barely keep up with my own self-imposed blogging schedule let alone “someone” else’s.  Yet, here I am commiting to publishing at least 20 posts in the month of September, all in the name of Vegan Food.  Why not.  I like a challenge.  So one of Vegan MoFo’s themes is often Mac and Cheese Monday.  Now, I’m not a big fan of overly cheesy dishes.  So I’ve decided to hijack the theme and write about my favourite vegan pasta dishes.  I will try to include one mac and cheese dish at some point, just to honour the original theme.  Since pasta originated in Italy and everyone loves a bit of aliteration, I decided that my Mondays should be Mediterranean Meals Monday for the duration of September.

Here’s the first instalment, an accidentally vegan meal from BBC Good Food for Roasted Ratatouille Pasta.

It just has two main parts.



Then adding pasta, that you’ve cooked up whilst the veg are roasting, to make this bowl of simplicity.


What I will say is that the success of this meal depends largely on the quality of your ingredients.  If the veg are watery and lacking flavour the dish will too.  I topped mine with some grated vegan cheese.  I’m trying desperately to find one that will fulfil my cheese cravings.  So far, no joy.  Any help, please???


3 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2014 – Mediterranean Meals Monday

  1. Super into the Mediterranean food theme; I’ve been trying to experiment with more Mediterranean dishes so this is great! I’ve had better luck with some of the artisan vegan cheeses out there like Punk Rawk Labs, Vtopian Artisan Cheese or Dr. Cow’s, but they are not always so easy to find depending where you are!


  2. I have recently fallen in love with biocheese from violife – it is a great cheese that melts really well – I also like the vegusto melty cheese. (But then I am vegetarian and still eat cheese so no cravings but I do love making vegan cheeses and cashew cheese sauces too)


  3. Thanks for the tip Johanna, that’s really helpful! Especially since you still eat normal cheese. Will give those a try!


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