Fave Things Thursday #5 – Protein Bars

Good afternoon!

For this week’s Fave Things Thurs I’d like to showcase one of my favourite snacks; Nakd bars.

photo 3

Honestly, I try not to do too may reviews on here because it’s not what I want the focus of my posts to be.  However, every now and again I get an offer that I just can’t pass up.  In this instance, it was from Natural Balance Foods for their fruit and nut bars.  A few years ago I tried the US equivalent, Larabars, and loved them.  But I wasn’t able to source them in the UK. Luckily Nakd cereal bars have since filled the voids.

The ingredients are clean and simple, 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free, thus suitable for a wheat free diet.


And I love them.  They are the perfect little snack or dessert.  These ones are my favourities:


My only problem with them is that the majority of the bars contain cashew nuts, which Theo is allergic to.  Our house is ordinarily nut-free but since being pregnant and vegan (and thus hyper aware of nutrients and protein intake) I’ve relaxed a little.  However, this means that I only ever eat them out of the house or if I’m at home I eat them over the sink and wash my hands and sink afterwards.  I know it sounds extreme, but that’s life with a nut allergy in the family.

Anyway, you probably didn’t need to know all that.  What you do need to know is that all varieties taste great, and they are the perfect little snack that will leave you feeling virtuous about your snacking habits. 🙂

***Apologies for the dreadful lighting in the photos; darn evening light and lack of skills***


2 thoughts on “Fave Things Thursday #5 – Protein Bars

  1. I love these bars so much! It’s great to see them becoming much more widely available too – in the past I’ve found it really hard to pick up a snack on the go that isn’t incredibly unhealthy if you don’t have many places to choose from so these make life a lot easier 🙂


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