Green Rocket Cafe, Bath

Sorry a whole week has passed since I last posted.  Things got a bit busy and exhausting.  Not much new otherwise.  Food budgeting is going well and we’ve stuck to our (relatively) newly negotiated food budget for 4 weeks in a row.  High-five!  The bank balance is, without a doubt, happier for it.

Last weekend was one of my closest friend’s hen weekend.  I’d been a bit nervous about it leading up to it.  I think this was mostly because of pregnancy hormones, I was anxious about leaving Theo overnight, and I wasn’t sure how being surrounded by drunk people would be when sober and pregnant.  Luckily, 2 of my other closes friends organised it and did an amazing job.  I failed to take photos of most of it; however, the one part of the weekend that I did remember to was the Saturday evening.  Our dinner at Green Rocket Cafe, Bath.  Guys, this place is so good!  The hen is veggie thus we ate out at a veggie restaurant (score!).  I love it when you have loads of choice on a menu without having to request a single alteration to a dish.  So many vegan options.

Since everyone these days fancies themselves as a restaurant critic I thought I’d share my review of the place.

For starters I chose the Courgette ‘Spaghetti’ with raw salsa romesco.  I’m generally not a fan of courgettes but have always loved it raw, spaghetti-style.  I was defo getting salsa vibes from the sauce as it had the right amount of chilli to compliment the dish and bring out the other flavours.


Since I love asian food I went for the Indonesian Tempeh for my main.  Rice croquettes with wilted spinach, satay sauce, home made tempeh and drizzled with roasted red pepper puree.

photo 2

I love satay sauce and tempeh, but I found the dish needed something to lighten it up or cut through the richness of the sauce and croquettes, and the natural bitterness of the tempeh.  Perhaps a squeeze of lime here and there or to thin out the satay sauce.  Or perhaps more of the red pepper puree.  None of this prevented me from enjoying the dish, however.

I went back to raw for dessert: Raw Raspberry Cheesecake with vegan ice cream.

photo 3

Sorry, forgot to hold back before taking a photo!

I can’t resist a good raw dessert.  And this did not fail to disappoint.  My lasting memory of this dish was that it tasted amazing.  That’s it.  Just truly great.

The starter and dessert were defo the highlights.  Raw vegan food for the win!  On this occasion, at least.  Good job, Green Rocket Cafe!


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