Meal planning recap

Happy Sunday!

How’s your week been?  This week’s been a mixed bag for us but mostly good.  And the meal planning has gone excellently.  We’ve even saved money this week… by saved I mean I kept comfortably within budget.  Let’s recap.

Sunday – 40 Clove Chickpeas and Broccoli, with brown rice (from Appetite for Reduction) SUCCESS

photo 3

Monday – Bean & Veg Stew, with quinoa FAIL (Tom was out, I just had cereal instead)

Tuesday – Pasta & Veg with White Sauce from Fat Free Vegan SUCCESS, though I doubt I’ll make it again.


Wednesday – Thai Chickpea & Veg Curry SUCCESS

photo 1

Thursday – Fajitas SEMI SUCCESS

Friday – Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes FAIL

Thursday I made roast potatoes with salad and veggie sausages since we had potatoes to use up,


so we had the Fajitas on Friday instead.

IMG_2404Saturday – Wing it. SUCCESS obvo.

Meal planning definitely helped with keeping within our food budget.  And even though I did deviate from it sometimes, I made sure my doing so wasn’t going to cost us any more money.  I also made an effort to walk to our local shops to buy ingredients as and when we needed them.  That way I found it easier to control what I was buying, and I got some exercise in.  Win, win!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.  I’ll be back some time soon with this week’s meal plan.


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