Food Budgeting – Take Two

Happy Sunday!

It seems I’m quite the pro at leaving good amounts of time lapse between posts.  I’m working on improving this.  The last couple of weeks have been hectic- I’ve actually had a bit of a social life, for a change, and last week we were away on holidays.  We did the middle class family thing and went to Center Parcs (which was actually really good).  No vegan food dilemmas; thanks to self catering.

photo 2

I can’t remember when I last updated about this; budgeting.

Pretty much since finding out that I am pregnant our food budgeting has been one big fail.  When the nausea and fatigue hit I couldn’t bare to think about what I wanted to eat in that moment, let alone meal plan.  Most of the time I couldn’t face cooking, and what I was able to stomach changed by the hour.  Excuses; maybe.  Since I’ve been feeling more normal, and can eat and cook a greater variety of foods, I’ve decided to look over what we’ve spent on groceries over the last couple of months.  To my shock, we’ve easily spent about £25 per week over our agreed budget.  That’s a lot for one week, let alone every week over the past 2+ months (which adds up to approx. an extra £100 a month on food!).  Unfortunately, this is money that we do not have.  Thus, as much as I loathe to and have been enjoying the free reign, it’s time to return to budgeting.

I’m feeling optimistic.  It should be easier this time because I’ve got a few cheap staple meals that I’m happy to use regularly, and only cook meat once every two weeks (if that) for Theo and Tom.  Plus, I’ve got my cooking mojo back and feel more enthusiastic about meal planning and exploring new dishes.

So here’s our meal plan commencing this Sunday:

Sunday – 40 Clove Chickpeas and Broccoli, with brown rice (from Appetite for Reduction)

photo 3

Monday – Bean & Veg Stew, with quinoa

Tuesday – Pasta & Veg with White Sauce from Fat Free Vegan

Wednesday – Thai Chickpea & Veg Curry

photo 1

Thursday – Fajitas

Friday – Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Saturday – Wing it 🙂

Let’s see how this goes!


4 thoughts on “Food Budgeting – Take Two

  1. Thanks Jemma! Tonight was a bit of a fail but it hasn’t cut into our food budget so it’s all good.


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