Hot and Cold

Goodness me, I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted!  It hasn’t been the best of weeks.  Theo developed a fever on top of teething on Monday so no one’s been sleeping well and we’ve been stuck inside, for various reasons.  The weather’s been cold and damp, and tiredness brings on my morning sickness.  Taking photos has fallen by the wayside.  However, the end of this week is looking decidedly better than the beginning.

Let’s rewind.

Last Saturday I did a bank shift on my old ward (my being on the nurse bank at my old hospital means I can choose when to do shifts on the wards that are short-staffed).  It was a lovely shift, and doing the odd shift here and there is helping me maintain my sanity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home with Theo but I miss nursing so this way i kind of get the best of both worlds.  Saturday afternoon and evening I looked after Theo whilst Tom went to a wedding.  I just had a simple salad for dinner.


Sunday morning we went for a family walk, followed by Vegfest in the afternoon.  Vegfest is an exclusively vegan festival that comes to Bristol every year, and I love it.  Our friend’s band were playing so we caught a bit of them.  I desperately wanted a cupcake from Ms Cupcake’s stall but by the time we got there they had packed up.  Gutted.  And I missed cupcakes from The Bristol Bakehouse as they were only there on the Saturday.  Thus, foodwise, it was not a great success for me.  I did try some yucky vegan cheeze.  Sorry, no pics.

Monday we saw a friend who was visiting from Vancouver.  Last time we saw her was almost 10 years ago at our wedding!  Crazy.  Her parents have set up this lovely Tea Room attached to their home so we had a catch up and lunch there.


The week went downhill from there.  But hey, it’s almost the weekend.  And Tom’s out tonight so I may get my bake on in the kitchen.  I’m desperate to try some new vegan meals, I’ve been failing at getting enough protein in my diet this week.  Must try harder.  I stop craving salads when the weather gets miserable, and protein is usually a decent portion of these.   I end up going for snack plates, which are great for getting raw veggies in but just not as much protein.


IMG_20140529_193150Add the poor sleep into the mix and we have lazy dinners.  Actually, I made this great red Thai curry on Tuesday.  It’s going to be a regular so I’ll post about it next time we have it.

Hopefully the next post will be more interesting with some awesome food.  Hope you’ve had a good week. Xxx




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