Food catch-up and food ethics

Hello there!

How goes it? As a true Brit, can I just say that the weather has been appalling! Theo’s not very good at staying indoors.  If he’s been in for too long he stands at our patio doors pointing and asking to go outside.  I’m going to have to buy him some wellies and an all-in-one waterproof coat soon so that he can play in the garden despite the weather.

As for food, I’ve got loads of pics from last week that I should share.

My parents stayed with us for a few days and on the first night they ordered pizza. I bowed out since our local pizza place don’t make vegan pizzas and instead made myself this hearty feast,


Veggie sausages in a mutligrain bun with kale salad and roast potatoes.  This was amazing.  Though next time i’ll have to remember to toast the bun first.

On the following night my dad and I made a variation of Isa’s butternut and kidney bean stew from Appetite for Reduction.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this is one of my all time favourite cookbooks.  So good!  My parents have even ordered a copy after enjoying the stew so much.

Friday night tom and I went out to celebrate his birthday whilst my parents babysat.  We chose a well-rated restaurant, that’s beautifully set on boat.  Unfortunately the food was underwhelming.  For what we paid Tom thought his was just ok and mine wasn’t great.  I had emailed them beforehand to let them know I avoid meat and dairy so I thought that would give them chance to be a little creative. There was one starter and one main that could be adapted. For the starter I had a baby leek and asparagus salad.


The dressing wasn’t suitable so it was without one. A simple sub of a balsamic vinaigrette would have done.  It wasn’t a bad dish though.

For the main I had a beetroot risotto.  This was unpalatable.


All I could taste was stodge and earth.  There was nothing to enhance the flavour of the beetroot and there was no other flavour in it.  It’s usually served with creme fraiche and I can’t see how this would have made it any nicer.  It was still great for Tom and I to get out together.

For the bank holiday weekend we went to stay with tom’s parents.  I love their house.  It ‘s a stunning renovated cottage in west Wales.

On the way I got a green juice of cucumber, celery and ginger.



Excuse my scary witch hand

On the first night I made myself a salad.


For the rest of the time I ended up eating meat and dairy and gosh did I suffer for it.  My stomach felt dreadful the whole time.  My IBS is defo more of a presence in this pregnancy than it was with Theo.  However, I did get to do a ton of reading about vegan and meat/dairy ethics.  My uncertainty about where I stand has been bugging me for a while.  Hence my eating meat and dairy occasionally.  And I don’t want my decision to pursue veganism to be based purely on health as it was before.  Health is too transient a state and not a firm foundation for me to base food decisions on.  That’s not to say others shouldn’t base it on health.  It just doesn’t work for me as sometimes my IBS does great with gluten and other times it doesn’t at all, for example.   As my blog over the years has displayed.  Anyways, the upshot is i have finally reached a decision I am happy with.  For many reasons, that I won’t go into here, I am pursuing veganism.  With a few caveats.

That was a pit-stop post; time’s been short as Tom’s been off this week so we’ve had lots of family fun, which I’ll share in my next post.  See you soon, hope your weekend has started well! X


One thought on “Food catch-up and food ethics

  1. I love the Appetite for Reduction book too! I love the Red Thai Tofu, haven’t tried the butternut and kidney bean stew – I’ll definitely be trying it soon (especially if the weather stays as miserable as it is today…comfort food required!).


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