Garden magic

Happy hump day!

Goodness the last 5+ days have been busy! Good busy.  Since this could easily turn into a mammoth post I thought I’d focus on what we were up to yesterday.

When we bought our house last year we loved the garden but quickly realised it wasn’t very toddler friendly.  Yesterday was the day to sort it out. We enlisted tom’s mum and dad, and London’s best gardener, Matt Collins (Tom’s brother) to help us out.  I was pretty useless as I had to keep Theo distracted and entertained. This wasn’t easy as he just wanted to be where the action was.  Oh, and I made the busy workers lunch.  I failed to take pictures of the lunch but it included a quinoa and avo salad from La Dolce Vegan.

This is the before photo of our garden,


The weeds had gotten out of control, my herb pots (rosemary, sage, and lavender) were in a sorry state and this year’s extreme weather had blown down our back fence.

And here’s the finished product!


All done in a day; well done team Collins!  We were going to lay grass but it wasn’t worth investing in a lawnmower for such a small patch (nor do we have anywhere to keep it).  The next option was AstroTurf (surprisingly realistic looking grass with zero maintenance).  In the end we chose to use playground grade bark because it’s nice and soft for Theo and has more of a wider appeal beyond those with children.  On the right is my new raised bed made from old railway sleepers.  Can’t wait to plant some veg in there in a couple of weeks once the soil has settled.  So far I’m thinking kale and potatoes (I love kale, tom loves potatoes).

Now all we need is the nice weather to enjoy it! Bring on the BBQ season!


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