The GBB Week 1 Recap

Good morning!

Now we’re in to week 2 I figured (pun intended) I should give a recap on how the first week of food budgeting went.

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We succeeded in sticking within our set budget!


– we didn’t eat particularly well.  This was partly due to my night shifts, and partly due to us going away for the weekend so I didn’t want to buy loads of fresh produce that would go to waste.

– Tom’s mum brought a beef stew over which covered two days worth of dinners.

– Tom bought lunch out once in the week (as well as his weekly bacon buttie) and I treated myself to a coffee and cake post-hideous night shift.

– I did buy a few extras that were definitely not a necessity.

– we were away this weekend gone so some recreation money was spent on food.

Taking these factors into account, I think we’re going to aim to stick to out already planned budget; whilst making a few minor adjustments in order to eat relatively well/better than last week.  Such as,

– we’re no longer buying fruit and veg from Abel & Cole.  Sad times.  But when I directly compared what we buy with them with getting the same (albeit not locally sourced/organic) from a local supermarket, I spent half the amount at the supermarket.

– we need to be stricter with the odd coffee and unnecessary purchases.

I think one of my biggest problems is sticking to a meal plan.  I’m not very good at eating what we planned rather than eating what I feel like on the day.  We’ll see how this week goes, and whether I can build some flexibility into the meal planning…


2 thoughts on “The GBB Week 1 Recap

  1. budgeting is SO HARD. we are on a super strict budget (I’ve been seriously committed since we moved back in April) and let me tell you, it’s not very fun. not only does it bum me out when i look through fancy food mags (which use random ingredients i can’t justify buying for one meal) but it makes my social life very restricted. such a difficult thing as we are in a new town and still trying to make friends. anyway. i feel your pain and am eager to learn any tips you have. btw, i thought you weren’t working any more?


  2. Thanks Elise! It helps to know we’re not alone. It defo takes the fun out of food and social lives! I’m just working me notice period. 2 weeks until i’m unemployed. X


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