The GBB, Day One

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Budgeting sucks.

It’s been on my mind a lot since signing up to The Great British Budget.  Case in point…

Last night Tom and I lamented about how we’ll have to go tea-total (probably better for our livers).

I lay awake this morning, after Theo had woken us up at 04:30, worrying about whether our weekly food budget is realistic. I had thought it was; when focusing my attention on our dinners.  But what about lunches, Tom’s weekly cafe-bought bacon sandwich (non-negotiable apparently), the odd costa coffee etc. I made a new plan.  Week One is going to be about seeing how little we can spend on groceries whilst hopefully remaining within the initially planned budget.  Week Two onwards will be about evaluating Week One’s spending and then sticking to or setting a new budget.

A simple Sainsbury’s shopping trip (we don’t buy our main groceries here, I hasten to add) this morning was quite the eyeopener.  Not only did it make me realise how much easier and quicker it is to shop on a limited budget, and to go in and buy ONLY what you’re looking for.  It made me realise, embarrassingly, that I can be a bit of a food snob.  How ridiculous is that?!  We were shopping in Sainsbury’s, for goodness sake.

GBB day 1

Purchasing these items made me nervous(!).  Is it possible for cheap coffee to taste any good?  Won’t non-organic bread flour irritate the stomach?  As soon as there was even a hint of my concerns, Tom quickly reminded me how we are now a one-income household.  And my worries faded quicker than when appeared.  My taking a career break from nursing, hence no second income, was one of our parenting choices.  So budgeting for food suddenly became as simple as that; a necessary byproduct of how we choose to parent.

Day one’s dilemma solved.  We’ll see what follows.


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