The Great British Budget; food-style

To kick off my return to blogging I thought I’d embark on a challenge (as if motherhood isn’t enough of one).

Join the Great British Budget Challenge

Since having Theo our household income has dropped dramatically so it’s time for me to be a proper grown up and start budgeting.    And what better way to gain motivation and budgeting tips than by joining a collective.  Thus, for the grand month of February I will be participating in…

Great British Budget Feb Photo Challenge

To be honest, Tom and I aren’t big on spending money.  I find shopping, for anything other than food, stressful and I’m not particularly fashion conscious.  I may update my wardrobe once or twice a year just by buying a new pair of shoes or jeans.  Ever wondered why there are never many photos of me on here; that’s your answer.  Anyway, I digress.  Despite liking to hang onto our pounds, we can be a little frivolous when it comes to food.  I guess because Tom and I love food then it’s the one area where we agree to relax the money on (does that make sense?).  But now I have three mouths to feed and less money with which to do so, I need to start being more careful.  So my plan is:

– to keep to a weekly food budget,
– make Tom packed lunches,
– have (and stick to) a weekly meal plan.

Anyone fancy joining me?  Let’s face it, January is the worst month.  We’re skint from christmas, the weather’s miserable, we’ve lost faith due to our failed resolutions.  February’s a chance to start again.  So why not feel empowered by setting a budget and sticking to it?  Ok, so that’s my hard sell.  If I was in doubt about participating before, I’m not now!


One thought on “The Great British Budget; food-style

  1. I’m absolutely dreadful at food budgeting. I record all of our spending but I never restrict it to a certain amount and this month was pretty expensive, I am definitely in need of a budget Feb! Glad you are back blogging by the way!


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