I’d like to say time flies by, and in some respects it does. But the last 3 months have been the most challenging and, as sad as it sounds, I’ve been wishing time away; praying for strength to get through each day.

Now, at almost 4 months old, our little theo-dorable is finally thriving. Up until a week ago we’ve been living from moment to moment as we try to manage Theo’s severe reflux. Finally, after poor weight gain and a hospital referral, theo is doing better. In turn, we are doing better. The magic solution, as upset as it makes me, is hypoallergenic formula. I had been exclusively breastfeeding Theo up until 10 days ago when we saw a paediatrician. After an examination and history taking she said that Theo’s failure to thrive is likely due to his frequent vomiting and my having a low milk supply. Since he’s already tried every medication for reflux and I’ve been doing all i can to maximise milk supply, she recommended we supplement his feeds with a formula for babies with cow’s milk protein intolerance. It’s been amazing! He has gone from an unsettled little dot, to a thriving happy baby.


The only downside of all this is that, despite my best efforts, my milk supply is decreasing. Thus our breastfeeding relationship is likely to come to a premature end. Whilst I’m struggling with this, Theo is so much happier having formula. He gets to look around whilst feeding and finish feeds content with a full belly instead of getting frustrated and gassy at the breast. And I can stop worrying about how my diet may be affecting him. I never thought breastfeeding could be so complex!

So that’s us. How are you guys? ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Time

  1. My wife went through something similar with our oldest too. We supplemented with goat milk, have you tried that? It’s a bummer, but the important thing is that he’s healthy.


  2. Its great to know, that baby is doing great and you guys managed to find the solution at the right time.


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