Dining out holiday

Hello on this dreary BH Monday!

I was supposed to be working a long day today but it’s been changed to a night shift.  Thus, I feel like I have more hours to play with than originally planned; even though some of them should be spent trying to sleep.  It’s just that sleeping in the day feels like such a waste.  How has your bank holiday been?

It was our 8-year wedding anniversary yesterday so we celebrated Saturday evening and all day yesterday.

Saturday we went out to a restaurant that has a great ethos:

At The Cowshed we bring the taste of the countryside to the city. For us the most important thing is knowing where and how food is produced. We focus on the quality of the farming or production methods and the ethics and integrity of the grocer, breeder or supplier.

I think the restaurant is more known for its meat, which Tom maximised on with his starter:

This was duck in three different forms, and Tom’s favourite part of the dinner.

I chose scallops to start, which probably wasn’t the most sensible choice for a pregnant lady as well-cooked scallops are rubbery thus good scallops (which these were) are only barely cooked.  Nevermind (the rest of the starter choices were also limited for pregnant women).  The sauce the scallops came with was amazing!  It was a reduced down tomato sauce so the flavour was intense.  We ordered some bread on the side for me to dip into the sauce.

For my main I choose a mushroom and tarragon risotto with crispy rocket.

The rocket wasn’t crispy and tasted like seaweed (and not in a good way), and the risotto was far too salty.  I guess overall it wasn’t the most amazing dining experience.  Tom did have some great fat chips with his main (steak & guinness pie, which I failed to photograph). He found his food a little too salty.  It’s a shame because I’ve heard such great things about this place.  Not sure if I’m willing to give it one more go… however, so many people rave about it.

On Sunday night, after going to church, doing a bit of shopping, and ordering a new fridge (long story but very exciting), we spent the rest of the afternoon on the sofa watching films.  By the evening we wanted to escape and fancied Thai food.  Since it was our anniversary, and despite going went out Saturday night, we decided to try out a local Thai restaurant, Thai Classic.  The main thing that attracted us to it was that it also does Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes.

Photos are limited because I decided to do a half-hearted job of taking them.

This is Tom’s starter- chicken wrapped in banana leaf with a thick, sweet soy dipping sauce.

For my main I really wanted to try out the veggie malaysian curry.

Rubbish photo but it tasted good.   Tom had a panang curry, which was easily the best meal of the weekend.  I’m so going for the veggie version of that next time.





2 thoughts on “Dining out holiday

  1. First of all, congratulations on your news – I missed out on commenting on your previous posts 🙂
    The meals look so pretty, it’s a shame that they were too salty – I hate salty food, but I think some people love it, so perhaps it’s just a matter of taste.


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