Back in the groove

Happy bank holiday weekend!

Unfortunately I am working on bank holiday Monday but I’ve been off since Thursday so I can’t really complain.  Are you guys up to anything nice?  We went back to Wales briefly to visit Tom’s family but we’re now back in Bristol.  It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow so tonight we’re eating out at some fancy, local restaurant (I’ll try to remember to take pics) and have yet to decide what to do tomorrow.

I’ve been trying to get back to my former days of not being so lazy with food and including more veg in my diet.  I think I’ve done ok, not great, but ok.  I’m getting there…  See…

I’ve had a recent hankering after cereals from my childhood.  So we bought Shreddies which I used to supplement my healthier muesli, chopped strawbs and almond milk.  I have to say Tesco’s own Shreddies are a disappointment.  Note to self, if going to buy novelty cereal go the whole way and buy the proper stuff!.

This meal I was quite proud of.  I’d finished a crazy shift, there were microwave meals in the fridge and Tom was out for the evening.  All factors that point to my going for the microwave option.  However, I stepped back, had a rummage through our kitchen and came up with this.  Vege sausages, brown rice, sauteed veg all flavoured with some balsamic and pesto.  Twas good.

Since I’d being doing so well, the following day I decided to treat myself to a ridiculously over-priced takeaway salad from our local, organic health shop.  Ordinarily their salads are absolutely amazing.  But this time, nope.  I ate it nonetheless since I shelled out for it.  Plus, I felt virtuous afterwards for getting my greens in…  You know when you’re diet’s been poor and you’re out of the veg groove when you feel good about eating salad.  Oh well.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!






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