A Healthier Cookie Dough

Well, that was the longest, unscheduled break ever!

Since my last post back in April life has been crazy.  I’ve been adapting to life as an RN (and having many moments of thinking “why on earth am I doing this crazy job?”), celebrated Tom’s birthday and my 30th birthday (not sure why we get so stressed about the big 3.0.), and have recently returned from a family holiday in France.  One other major thing has prevented me from returning to blogging sooner, but I’ll save that for another post.

So, what’s been happening with you guys?

This morning I decided it was time to dust off my neglected but loved food processor and revisit an old recipe from one of my long-time fave blogs.  I love Averie’s recipes; they often suit my style of cooking.

Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

This recipe is perfect because it’s easy, minimal effort and time, and can be utterly FODMAP-free.  Just make sure you use maple syrup instead of the agave and you’re sorted.

You’ll just need a food processor or similar to turn this:



Into these:


This recipe should yield 17 balls, but I must have munched on too much of the dough whilst rolling as I was left with 10 balls 🙂  I challenge you not do to the same…

Sorry about the rubbish photos, clearly I’m out of practice (again!).

So, update me.  What’s new with you?


4 thoughts on “A Healthier Cookie Dough

  1. I’ve missed you!! I was hoping you’d gone on holiday somewhere lovely 🙂
    hmm what’s new- I’m teaching in the high country which means learning to ski! and I’ve been approached to do my phd.. ah the decisions to be made. Food has been lazy and not as healthy as it could have been but such is life. Yummy yummy life.
    Can’t wait to hear your news!
    oh & I suspect you do your crazy job because you love it…


  2. welcome back 🙂 hows the new place? (i think i remember you saying you were moving?)

    i suspect we will have those wtf-did-i-choose-nursing-for moments forever i think.


  3. Hi Claire! Thanks, you’re kind. Wow, life sounds exciting for you right now! Food has been lazy on my end too, which is partly why I haven’t been blogging- there’s doesn’t seem to be any food worth blogging! x


  4. Hi Elise! Thank you 🙂 How i wished we had moved.. Yeah, I think you’re right re. nursing. It’s just a crazy, unpredictable job. xxx


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