Afternoon Tea: A Review

Whilst I was in the Far East, I was contacted by a fellow welshy to sample and review Cho-Yung’s Green Tea Health Blend, purported to assist with weight loss.  If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not into weight loss products, and I’m skeptical of foods that have these “super” claims.  Thus, I replied that whilst I’m not happy to try the tea from a weight loss perspective, I’m more than happy to try it as if it were any other tea; i.e. for taste.

Thus, here we are.  A Tea Review.

I love tea, and am forever faithful to peppermint tea.  Whilst I will occasionally drink green and white teas, I’ve never been entirely won over by them.  In my dairy consuming days I did enjoy a good, strong brew of builders tea (with the added dairy) but since saying good bye to milk I’m yet to enjoy a normal cuppa with non-dairy varieties of milk.  My problem may have been solved.

The flavour of this tea strikes a subtle mix and balance of black and green tea.  The ingredients include: Lotus leaf, oolong tea, gynostemma leaves, honeysuckle, cassia seeds, stevia and hemp seeds.  Perhaps if I was familiar with Chinese medicine I would be able to identify which ingredients are linked with weight loss.  But I’m not.

I have no idea whether it’s weight loss claims are true (but I’m guessing they’re not dissimilar to that of green tea’s claims) but taste-wise, it’s a winner.


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