WIAW goes green-ish: Hong Kong Edition

Hello there blogland!

How are you?  Are you loving the advent of Spring as much as I am?  Seriously, once the weather gets warmer and the daylight hours extend I’m almost a completely different person.  And my desire to exercise increases tenfold (which isn’t really much since the starting point is below zero over the winter).

I’m slowly getting back to the swing of things after my 2 week holiday but my google reader is out of control with unread blog posts.  Sorry peops.  Anyways, I was sitting at my computer this morning bemoaning the fact that it’s WIAW yet I have no recent food pics taken throughout my day.  Then it dawned upon me that I have loads from hols!  Hence the Hong Kong edition.  Plus, it means that there’ll be less to bore you with when I post more holiday pics.

I failed to take photos of breakfast mostly because they were similar to what I’d have at home (cereal with soy milk, fruit, toast).  So here are a mix of my lunches and dinners in Hong Kong; where we staying with some wonderful and generous good friends of our, James and Alexa and their beautiful little girl, Lucia.

On our first full day in Hong Kong Alexa and Lucia (it was Lucia’s first trip out too- she’s only a few months old) took us out to an excellent Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.  I’d never had Vietnamese before but I loved it!  It’s got the fragrant subtleties of Thai food, with Chinese influences providing more of a soy sauce hit (not very well described but my memory’s fading fast these days and I haven’t had Vietnamese food since unfortunately).  I had this lemony vegetable dish with rice.  Excellent.


For dinner we went to an amazing Thai restaurant.  Oh, how I love Thai food.  If there was one cuisine I could eat forever it would be Thai (or maybe Malaysian).  Seriously, this restaurant is in my top 3 Thai food providers.  We had rice cakes and satay dipping sauce to start, then I had the best red thai curry I’ve ever had.  I can’t remember what it was called exactly (darn!) but it was drier than your standard thai red with more depth of flavour and less coconut.  Seriously, I’m still dreaming about this one.


For lunch one day, James took a break from working hard to give us the authentic Dim Sum experience.  Dim Sum is characteristic of Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine and involves ordering a number of bite-size and small plates of food, served with chinese tea (I think we had white tea).  However, being traditional there were few vegetarian dishes, i.e. only steamed rice and the above tofu wrapped in filo pastry and flavoured with soy sauce.  No matter, it was worth the experience for sure.  I love the photo of James above- studying and ordering from the menu like a pro.  Plus, the cute table setting.


After the lack of veggie options for lunch we went to an organic vegetarian restaurant for dinner; it was heaven!  It was very much the western fare but I was happy.  It’s rare that I’m confronted with so much of the menu to choose from so it took me forever to decide on what to have. Before I decided on this amazing salad (I was having maje salad cravings since I hadn’t had a single raw vegetable for 4ish days; sad but true), we shared sweet potato chips with dip, and pitta bread and hummus.

And there’s my WIAW in Hong Kong! 🙂

Before I go I just wanted to say I’m really, really sorry that I haven’t posted  more about FODMAPs yet.  It’s on my to-do list and I’ll try to get to it as soon as poss.  Thanks for your patience!  In the meantime, if you have any burning questions about it then please do email me.

Happy hump day!


8 thoughts on “WIAW goes green-ish: Hong Kong Edition

  1. Don’t be sorry about the FODMAPs post – you’ve been really busy and I can only imagine how the time changes, even of such a wonderful holiday, can mess with your body clock.

    That salad looks incredible. Worth the trip just for that one dish, I’d imagine!



  2. I’m with you on the thai food it’s so good and I love Vietnamese food too do fresh and yummy! Hope you had a fan holiday x x


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