Far East Asia, take one

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind.  I have no idea where to start in describing the sensory feasts that occurred most days.  Penang, Malaysia, in particular was spectaculor.  But since I’m suffering with jetlag and a hangover (after Wales winning the grand slam in this year’s Six Nations!) I’ll leave you with just some of the hundreds of photos we took.

Delicious Vietnamese food, Hong Kong.


One of the many streets in Penang that we wandered along, jumping in and out of the shades to find relief from the midday sun.


The streets of Penang were littered with stalls selling fresh produce.


Religious buildings, like this temple, were almost as frequent as the Hawker Stalls, which Penang is known for.


 Each buddhist temple would not be without an endorned shrine, such as this.


In Singapore it took us three times, on three separate occasions, to find a vegetarian restaurant that I’d read about.  When we did finally find it, and sit down to eat I noticed the above banner that hung across one of the restaurant walls.

“Vegetarianism is a choice that people make for various reasons.  Perhaps health, perhaps animal rights, perhaps humanitarian, perhaps spiritual.  Whatever the reason, it is a good choice.”  I love this.


More to come 🙂


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