Saturday Requests

Bore da!

I’m so glad Saturday is here.  I have today off and am on a late shift tomorrow so I’m going to make the most of my Saturday.  Plans include going to yoga, laundry, blogging bits (tick), watching Wales play rugby against England (v. nervous) and then spending the evening with our good friend, Steve.

So far the day has started well with my current breakfast obsession:

Seeded GF toast topped with nut butter and banana (and a half slice of DF spread and marmalade since there wasn’t’ enough banana).  I know it’s really basic and not in the least bit imaginative but I love it.

Last night we went out for Thai with close friends of ours.  The food was amazing, and the company was even better.  Unfortunately, I was a rubbish food blogger and only took photos of my starter.  In case you’re interested I had vegetable spring rolls (that were more shaped like pancakes?).

I love the ornate serving dishes.  And the food added to our excitement for our holiday to South East Asia next week.  I cannot wait.  We’re not going to Thailand but a week Saturday we are flying to Hong Kong to stay with friends, then flying onto to Malaysia for a few days before moving on to Singapore for the final leg of our trip.  It is going to be amazing.

In fact, I need your help.  We intend to do some shopping out there; I’m hoping to buy a new camera or lens for Tom’s Canon Rebel camera for me to use for blogging.  If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations of good camera accessories, or cameras I’d love to here them.

Also, I’d like to publish some guest posts whilst I’m away so if you would like to feature a guest post on here about anything to do with healthy living, food, exercise, IBS, eating disorders experience (and anything else you think fits in with the ethos of Welsh Girl Eats) then email them to me by next Thursday 1st March.   The more posts the merrier!  Email address: welshgirleatsATgmailDOTcom.

Thanks for the feedback about featuring more about FODMAPs on here and IBS.  I will defo get on with writing more about how to go about the FODMAPs diet etc for you guys.  I hope to publish lots of info in the next two weeks so keep a look out.

Hope your weekend has started off well.  Any exciting plans?

Happy Saturday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Saturday Requests

  1. Cameras are such a personal thing. I use a pentax K10D and a range of lenses but to be honest my favourites are the ones that came in the twin pack with it! I’d say get a good all rounder- don’t overspend on something you’re not sure you’ll use. Also it depends on your set up, if you take things out more or have a studio set up at home your needs will obviously change.
    Go with a good brand and get good quality. Canon, Nikon, Pentax etc. Don’t buy Sigma/lenses, the better quality are worth it.
    Also a tripod is one accessory I couldn’t live without- you can get cheap ones if you don’t have one…
    Thanks for listening to our feedback- I really appreciate all your help with this diet stuff.
    All the best xxx


  2. breakfast looks amazing! Genius seeded loaf is my breakfast saviour! Also, those pictures of the Thai starters look really good – I can’t blame you for not taking pictures of the rest, I would have been too busy stuffing my face! Great post, have a lovely weekend! Kathryn 🙂


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