Sunday Blues

Anyone else get the blues before going back to work after a weekend off or a week or so of holidays?  I’ve got them.  Big time.  And an unsatiable appetite (not linked just thought I’d add that in there).

This weekend we went back to Wales where we spent time with my favourite golden lab,

Dranks lots of red wine,

And hiked up a snowcapped welsh mountain,

To see if we could spot the lady of the lake.

Oh, and we watched Wales beat Scotland in the rugby today (well done, boys!).

It was a blissful weekend.  No wonder I have the blues.

Since I can’t think of a good linking sentence or paragraph between the previous half and the following half of this blog post I’m just going to come out with it:

Before I go, I would like to point you in the direction of two guest posts that I have written and were published over the weekend.  The first one is over on Celery and Cupcakes, and features my tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle when life is busy.  And the second is on Elise’s FODMAPs diet blog about how the FODMAPs approach has helped with managing my IBS.  Speaking of FODMAPs, I have been rubbish at minimising FODMAPs lately (as you may have been able to tell from my recent posts).  As a result the old IBS symptoms have been appearing.  Tis time to be strict again.  Yet I’m stuck.  Anyone else struggle with self-motivation and discipline at this time of year?  Mine has completely disappeared; my former self has been replaced by a sloth.  And I hate it.  Time to do something about it.  Any tips or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.  Genuinely.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

  1. It’s only natural to get the blues before working again, I hope it means that you really relaxed and enjoyed the time off.

    Off to read your guest posts. My IBS is flared up lately and I don’t know anything about FODMAPs, so I guess I should investigate


  2. Hi Bitt!

    Thanks for your comment. I hate Sundays, I always have. Not sure why, they always get me down. Sorry to hear your IBS has flared up recently. It sucks, doesn’t it. You should defo check out the FODMAPs approach, it’s helped me massively. Well wishes x



  3. i was just talking to kyle about this last night. i dont know what happened to the former athlete in me but she is gone. mia. nowhere to be found. i hope she comes back soon because i would really like to get some exercise going on in 2012 but i refuse to force myself to do anything…so ill just keep waiting til the motivation hits.


  4. Wales looks absoltely GORGEOUS! I’m so close in Reading and have only been once – silly! And I would love to hike that snow capped mountain and see the lady of the lake! ❤ So glad you had such a wonderful weekend – it sounds perfect. 🙂 xyx


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