It’s WIAAW (shock)

No, that’s not a typo in the title.  Today I am posting what I actually ate today, on this Wednesday.


My week of hols is flying by but it’s been a productive one thus far.  A highlight was getting new glasses and discovering that my left eye is pretty much worthless in so far as it adds nothing to my vision.  It’s just lazy and lets my right eye do all the work.

Another highlight was going back to uni to meet my dissertation supervisor about getting an article from my dissertation published in a nursing journal.

And the final highlight was attending my first ever Zumba class this evening.  I was awesome.  I made up my own dance moves, shook my body to my own rhythm ‘n’ everything.  Skillz.  In all seriousness though, it was such great fun that it didn’t matter whether you could follow the moves and music.

As for food, here’s most of what I’ve been munching on today, and without explanations because I’m too lazy on a tight schedule this evening; The American Office Season 6 is waiting for me upstairs (the boxset arrived yesterday in the post, after what seemed like forever since I pre-ordered it).  Anyways, here goes!







Another WIAW almost over.

Ta-ta for now! xxx


6 thoughts on “It’s WIAAW (shock)

  1. nakd bars- oh how much i adore them! i finally found a shop in austria that sells them! quinoa bowls are staples of mine too! looks delicious!


  2. Oh dinner looks divine. What’s in it? I’m loving my quinoa with coconut cream ATM.


  3. @Emma – Dinner was some leftover quinoa, squash and leek stew with sauteed carrots, tempeh and peas. It was great 🙂

    @Everyone – Thanks for the love n comments xxx


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