Actively Lazy

I did it.  I went for my first run since September 11th 2011.  And y’know, I think walking 4+ days a week has helped maintain my fitness level as I ran the same loop and it took the same amount of time as it did in September.  It was good.

And now I can be lazy for the rest of the day, and sit on the sofa in front of the box.  And eat.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Actively Lazy

  1. Hahaha, congrats…hope you have some of those cookies above on hand, they look like homebaked gold…! All the best in the new year 🙂


  2. Well done on the run! It’s brilliant that you maintained your fitness – I think walking is underrated as a way of keeping fit when you haven’t got time or the inclination to do anything else.


  3. Woo well done on the run! It’s fantastic that you’ve managed to maintain your fitness and keep the same time 🙂
    Those cookies look amazing, seriously want one for breakfast now!


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