A momentary grump

Good evening!

It’s official, I already hate January.  Who’s with me???  Not because of failed intentions or from the Christmas and New Year excesses but because it is January.  Anyone else’s S.A.D. kick in around about now?  The weather has been atrocious and the excitement surrounding December’s festivities has passed.  And I’m tired.  And I’m grumpy.

Phew, I feel so much better for getting that off my chest.  I can now move onto brighter things.

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year, ahem- last year, was a book my brother bought me.


I read this in just under 3 days.  There’s so much I can say about it but I’ll try to be brief.  Portia de Rossi eloquently and with great insight speaks of her past struggles with eating disorders, self-worth and sexuality.  The vulnerability she displays in this book is surprising and brave.  If you’ve had/have an eating disorder or are interested in the lived experience and complexities of suffering with one then you should defo read it.  She is my new hero.  It’s been a while since I’ve come upon such an inspirational woman.  She has found freedom in accepting her sexuality, and through hardship and suffering she has learnt to accept herself without trying to fit an unattainable ideal that so many of us strive for.  And through veganism she has found happiness, and a connectedness to our planet and it’s inhabitants through choosing not to participate in the violence that can occur in our agricultural industries.  Are you inspired yet?

I shall now step down from my yellow pages and show you some of the food I’ve been enjoying recently (really they’re just a bunch of photos I found on my camera from the last couple of weeks….).

Breaking the fast the usual way.  The problem is, when it comes to alpro soya yoghurts I am incapable of practising restraint or self-discipline.  If they are in my fridge I have to include them in my breakfast and desserts.  It’s a problem.  But only because these babies are loaded with sugar, big time.  Not great when trying to puncture a hole in my christmas bloat.

This may look like baby food but, in fact, it is my first successful attempt at making leek and potato soup.  Weirdly, my previous attempts were a big fail but I think I make have found a foolproof recipe.

If in doubt, make a snack plate. They are where it.is.at.

In my slightly hungover state on New Year’s day I made this great morrocan stew for a bunch of us.  I really must share this recipe with you soon because it’s really good.

I guess here marks the end of my winter warming inspirations.  Until next time! x


8 thoughts on “A momentary grump

  1. I’m in bit of a grump today too, back to being chained at my desk and feeling like I should stop eating all my christmas chocolate.
    That stew looks delicious, I feel warm looking at it. I need to make something like that this week!


  2. i fell in love with portia after reading that book too…i cant even imagine the pressures of being in the spotlight while struggling with sexuality and body image issues. shes so strong for getting through it all and being able to share it. happy new year!!


  3. She is amazing. She’s my new girl crush. I’d never be able to to cope with the spotlight pressures.



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