Practising Kindness Inspiration

Happy Monday!

I have finally been able to upload Jemma‘s guest post (woo woo) so I’m thrilled to share it with you today.  The winter days are in full swing and, I’m not sure about you, but I find it too easy to be hard on myself as I adopt more sloth-like behaviours.  However, Jemma’s attitude, her blog, and the kindness she displays towards herself lifts my spirits.  I hope Jemma inspires you as much as she does me.  Enjoy 🙂

Hi everyone!  I’m Jemma and I blog over at Celery and Cupcakes.  When the very lovely Sarah asked me to write a guest post I obviously jumped at the chance.

I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for a while and have been particularly enjoying last month’s series of posts about Practicing Kindness as it’s something resonates with me so well.  We all get caught up in our busy lives that we forget to take some time out to reflect and simply look after ourselves or sometimes we find it too hard to let go of the restraints that we put on ourselves.  In the past I was very guilty of both of these things but I am learning to change and trying not to be so hard on myself.

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by the word DIET.  There was always one of the female members in my family on some sort of restrictive faddy diet with constant weight loss reports of pounds gained and ounces lost.   It was only time when it was going to have some impact on “Jemma the impressionable teenager.”


I also paid close attention to what the media portrayed as the “perfect body.”  The life story articles always grabbed my interest first, with the magazine cover which guaranteed the quickest weight loss in the shortest amount of time.

The idea of being super skinny always seemed appealing to me.  My friends were slimmer and were happy just eating a slice of pizza or an apple for lunch with no claims of being hungry later on in the day.

With all this in mind the scales became my best friend, counting calories became an obsessive past time and eating a chocolate bar for lunch became the norm. Standing in the mirror pushing and pinching my puppy fat back from my waist to create a slimmer silhouette was part of my nightly routine, as well as exercise DVDs.


The yearning to be slimmer was a habit that was difficult to break.  It’s been a progressive thing but up until a few months ago my goal changed from wanting to be skinny to wanting to be fit and healthy.  My mindset has completely changed and I’m so happy that I finally decided to embrace my curves.

I’m all about balance now as I believe that is the key to everything in life.  I workout and lead an active lifestyle because I genuinely enjoy the way it makes me feel.  Eating healthy and nutritious food has also helped with the odd treat is also important to me.  I now give in to any cravings that I may have and listen to my body rather than ignoring what it wants.   If I want to eat lots of dark chocolate, damn I’m going to!

Being happy with what you have and learning to love yourself can be a difficult feat, but really all you have to do is…

Just. Let. Go.

Have you had any issues with learning to love yourself?

How are you dealing or how did you overcome this?


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