And Madness Ensued

Dear Diary,

Here in lies the reason as to why I should not have given up PB.

In a moment of panic, dissatisfaction, boredom and madness I bought these last Friday:

They arrived from iHerb today.  Apparently my sanity, which unbeknownst to me I had lost, arrived along with them.  I’m not going to say how much these 4 jars of nut buttery goodness and 2 packets of crackers cost me but, What The What!  I haven’t told Tom, and whilst he does occasionally read my blog he usually just skims through the posts.  Hear’s to hoping he’ll skim through this one too…

Oh, and it turns out that my addiction is not unique to PB.  I am, in fact, addicted to all forms of nut butters and nuts.  Oh well, at least I know that as long as there’s another nut butter back-up at home I sharen’t freak out if the PB is finished like last time.  When this month’s PB challenge is up, that is.

I have also learnt that there are new levels of boredom when writing a dissertation.  New levels.  And nothing can resolve the boredom other than the completion of the dissertation.

In better news, my lunchtime salad today was fricking amazing!

And it kept me full for a good 4 hours afterwards; probs because of all the crackers and nuts I added in as the rest was the same as yday.  Progress.

As for the rest today’s eats, they haven’t been too bad…

The usual breakfast.  What it lacks in elegance and variety, it makes up for in taste.  Fact.

This ain’t pretty either.  And was rather random.  I just grabbed whatever I could post-run and chucked it together.  Spiralized carrots and cucumber (I’ve missed my spiralizer!), chopped red pepper dressed with Gena’s balsamic-tahini vinaigrette and served with sweet potato that was topped with mango chutney.  Twas good.

Dessert x4.  Just because I’ve given up the PB doesn’t mean I’ve given up my go-to and all-time fave snack  of nut butter and marmalade on rice cakes.

Right, I’m going now.  I feel sick from sitting in front of my computer too much over the last few days (and longer)!  Nos star.


12 thoughts on “And Madness Ensued

  1. Hell yeah to those four jars. I stopped eating all nut butters about three months ago for a diet I´m trying out to see if it helps with my GI issues, and it made me feel like when I gave up gluten: good about the changes, but with more than a tinge of a whimper for some of the things I gave up :-). Sunbutter and pumpkin seed butter to the rescue! I make my own now (they’re expeeeeensive, as you know!) but I don’t think I’d recommend the pumpkin seed butter unless you have no alternatives and like to munch p-seeds by the handful. Great colour, though!

    Good luck on finishing that dissertation 🙂


  2. Must…resist…iherb…gah! I spent SO much on a jar of Sunbutter when I ordered some Sun Warrior last. It was worth every last gorgeous bite though. Thank God they don’t sell it over here, because I finished off the jar in 3 days. So much for making it last…sunflower seed butter is my absolute favourite, even moreso than PB. And I must get some rice cakes so I can try that snack 😀

    Good luck with the dissertation: I’ll be bashing my brains out trying to finish a paper for the rest of the week so we can suffer together 😉



  3. Hehe, I thought this might be how things turned out! At least now you have variety in your life 😀

    Mu wholehearted sympathy on the dissertation. Ack.


  4. I’m always jealous of the US bloggers who have access to such an awesome range of nut & seed butters. Almond butter is my absolute favourite but i’ve only ever had the Meridian brand we get here in the UK. I guess that’s a good thing for my waist line/wallet, but still! I’m intrigued by just how much yr iherb haul actually was because I’m sorely tempted, haha!


  5. ahahahahahahahaha! buyer’s remorse?! don’t regret that purchase. that is money well spent my dear 🙂 good stuff right there. it’s not like it’s drugs or something, right?
    as far as the dissertation…..short term sacrifice for a long term goal 🙂 you can do it!!


  6. I’ve managed to resist iherb so far… I have gone over and added a few things to my basket a few times, but I can’t seem to just ad a few things, and I can’t justify spending £50! Have you tried the Meridian nut butters? They do Almond, as well as Hazelnut, Cashew, you can find them in Holland and Barrets… cheaper than iherb!


  7. Hi Ffion! Yeah, they’re cheaper but nowhere near as tastey unfortunately. The only nut butter we do well in this country is PB 😦



  8. Those nut butters look amazing. That salad looks great – what is in it?


  9. Hi LB!

    Let me see, I think the salad had carrots, salad leaves, tomato, raisins, cashews, and broken up bits of Mary’s Crackers all dressed with Gena’s tahini balsamic dressing. It was great!


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