Grey day, recipe fail.

Greetings to you on this grey, muggy Monday!

(Since writing this it has started to pour down with rain, is it still summer?).

How was your weekend?  Ours was surprisingly busy.  Since we last crossed paths I have completed a rubbish draft of chapter 3 of my dissertation (4,500 words and needs MAJOR editing), went to a friend’s fancy dress 30th birthday party, went to church, went to a friend’s leaving drinks, and today I’ve spent ALL day writing my reference list for my dissertation (yawn).  Tell me about yours, how was the weekend?

I’ve also been pretty good at bringing the salads back in.  But I gotta say, I need to bump them up a bit because they’re not filling me up and they’ve lost some of their excitement.  Alas I’m getting ahead of myself, as per usual.

Breakfasts have been the same as usual so I won’t bore you with the various fruit, cereal and yoghurt combos.

But yesterday, I tried out a new recipe…

Ok, I got a bit carried away with all the photos but I couldn’t decide which ones to include so I thought I’d put the tops ones in.  In my defense, the one recipe did make 4 meals (on 2 separate occasions)… Anyways, it’s a vegan korma!  Yuh.  It can almost be described as amazing but not quite.  I enjoyed it, but the recipe needs some tweaking before I can share it with you.  Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.  That reminds me, I have a great thai recipe I’m going to have share with you soon too.  Clearly we’re on a curry/spicy kick at the moment.

Today I was starving well before lunch time and, as I mentioned earlier, I need to make my salads more substantial.  Luckily, there’s one lady in the blog world who will guarantee you a meal-size, filling salad.  She’s my go-to gal for tasty and healthy recipes, thought-provoking posts, and general wisdom and guidance.  So, I reminded myself of this post, found a recipe and was away!

Step one: the usual salad veg base.


Step two: add-ins

I did find it rather off-putting that the blue sticker says “we’re safe & healthy”… Um, safe?  Why would I question the safety of your product?  If I wasn’t before, I most certainly am now!

Step 3: The dressing!

This dressing was amazing! But then I added too much water… Shame.  It went from amazing to average in the space of a few foolish seconds.  Nevermind.  Note to self: be more cautious with the water.

Step 4: The final product.

I think if I hadn’t of watered down the dressing and used more of it it may have kept  me satiated.  However, 2 1/2 hours later I was hungry again.  Live and learn.

How about you guys?  Have you recklessly altered a recipe only to end up regretting it? 

Any weekend highlights?

I’m sure I’ve taken more photos over the last 2 days… Ah well. x


5 thoughts on “Grey day, recipe fail.

  1. Ooh what did you dress up as? (if you did)
    I feel for you and your day of reference list writing. It’s one thing that I haven’t managed to grasp yet, I use microsoft word to do the actual reference formatting, but never know where to put my citations and things like that. I think I’m going to try and get to a ‘how-to reference’ lecture this year, to save a lot of confusion!
    A vegan korma sounds great, I’ll look forward to that recipe.
    I am guilty of adding too much liquid too! Eg I’ll make a great curry, and then put too much passata ruin it. I still can’t get it right!
    Have a great week x


  2. Sounds like a nice weekend!

    My weekend was pretty average, but yesterday was a day off and I did loads of work on my blog and ran a new PDR and today I had deeeelicious Indian food!


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