Catch up

Most days I have no idea how to start a blog post.  Today is like most days, in that respect.  In other ways, it isn’t.  Since we’ve moved, heck even before that, this is the first day I’ve woken up feeling truly relaxed.  We’re moved, we’re settled, we’ve just finished cleaning our old flat (never would have thought that would be such a beast to clean as it’s a tiny two-bedroom one with barely any living space), I’ve survived the first half of my final placement and I love our new place.  I’m sitting on our kitchen table, after having slept for ten hours on and off, munching on a beautiful bowl of fruit.

It’s been a great weekend so far.  Friday’s dinner was a surprising success.  We ate out at the chain restaurant, Carluccio’s who were more than happy to accomodate my request for vegan dishes.  Check these out:

Sorry for the rubbish photos, I took them using my iphone.  The chef put together one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time.  As a side dish I had mushroom risotto (weird choice for a side but I really wanted to try it and have a salad main- where there’s a will, there’s a way), which was equally as good.  Defo going there again.  It was a little pricey but not only do they accomodate for vegan diets, they also have a separate gluten-free menu (including gluten-free pastas) and seem more than happy to cater to whatever dietary needs their customers have.  Unfortunately, I find this to be a rare occurence when eating out.  Aside from the food it was great catching up with my besties (not sure if I like the word, but I thought I’d chuck it into the mix anyway).

Saturday started off lazily with breakfast at about 10:30,

The usual combo.  And yes, this photo was taken on my kitchen floor but it’s newly sanded and polished.  I love my kitchen.

Anyways, after that we stopped by at Sainsbury’s to pick up some bits before heading to the old flat for the final clean-down!  Luckily, I discovered Sainsbury’s amazingly well stocked salad bar so I grabbed myself a massive salad (no lie, I used the largest tub available).

Again, sorry for the crappy iphone pictures, but I tend not to carry my camera everywhere I go (bad blogger!).  Anyways, JS has outdone himself.  In this there were layers of beans, pulses, edamame, different slaws, shredded beetroot, salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber.  I tell you, I had flashbacks from my Whole Foods salads last year when we were visiting the U.S. East Coast (Whole Foods, I miss you!).

Anyways, the salad just about got me through the cleaning and trips to the recycling centre.  By the time we got home Tom and I just flopped in front of the TV.  The only thing I did manage to do was make a red thai curry for dinner.  We both really wanted take-away but I mustered every inch of will power I had to not spend the £££ after an expensive night out.  I forgot to take a photo and the recipe isn’t really worth sharing as it wasn’t the best thing I’ve made.  I hit the sack at 10pm only to be kept awake by some rubbish reggae gig.  Seriously, the whole of the inner city could hear it.  Not only do I hate reggae music, and trust me I love most music genres, the MCing over the top was a.w.f.u.l.  I finally fell asleep only to be woken up by the loudest fireworks that seemed to go on forever.  Fine, I sound like an old woman as it was a Saturday night and before midnight.  But I was really tired, not having slept well all week etc, and desperately wanted to be snuggled up in bed, dreaming away.  The joys of inner city living.  Lucky I love this house (have I mentioned that I love this house????).

Other eats this weekend include:

And there you have it, my weekend thus far.  Sorry if I’ve bored you to tears.  It is a rather long post.  You can breathe easy knowing that I won’t be back until tomorrow probs.

How’s your weekend been?  Any highlights?  What are your thoughts on free, rubbish gigs that you can hear without choice and without needing to attend?



5 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. My thoughts on free rubbish gigs – rubbish! 😉
    It’s great that Carluccios were so accommodating. I’ve started to see more gluten free menus around now – I think it’s a brilliant idea and can’t harm the restaurant’s reputation!
    Highlights of my weekend were going for a delicious meal and also enjoying a picnic in the sunshine (with only a little bit of rain).


  2. Mmmm-mm, I love a happy eating-out experience :-).

    Just saw my upstairs neighbours come in from the garden, I think they are in their teens, carrying what looked to be alcoholic beverages and I’m dreading a sunday-evening upstairs party! When it comes to involuntary music like that, I’m an old lady 😉


  3. I really like Carluccio’s. You’re right, it’s kinda pricey (for what you get), but lovely food. Great to know they’ll accommodate your vegan-GF too.

    I also have been feeling way too stressed and wound up recently, so I spent all weekend watching tv, pottering, and only leaving the house to pick up a takeaway pizza. Uh oh! Still, I have my period to blame (so tacky!)

    Hope the dissertationing is going ok 🙂


  4. Uhhhhh hate “free music” things that go on forever. Yuck.

    My weekend was good 🙂 I had to work today, but that was canceled out with sushi for dinner. So expensive, but sooooo worth it. Love.


  5. Ooh I love Carluccio’s too! It’s great that they were so accommodating, the salad they prepared you looks amazing! Sainsburies salad bar is pretty good isn’t it, I love the fruit one too.
    So happy for you that you love the new house! And that you finally feel relaxed, hope the feeling continues!


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