Good evening!

So, today I was on the day unit again which was good but chaos.  I also had my mid-point review to assess how I’m doing so far on the placement.  Low and behold, my confidence and assertiveness are what is letting me down.  I have the knowledge but I just need to push myself and make sure I’m applying it in practice.  Ultimately, I agree with this and in the work place this has always been my area of weakness. But at least I know what to work on now.  Phew.  Speaking of moving forward…

After the PB saga a couple of weeks ago, and since I am committed to self-improvement, I left Tom a note (on the cupboard containing the PB) this morning before I left for work:

Progress.  Impressed.

Going back to work, I must have PMT as, aside from my chocolate cravings (which have been much less today), I have been super sensitive and almost tearful.  There were two, seperate, people in their 80s/90s who had come to the day unit for chemotherapy.  They spent all day sitting on their own, watching, waiting and wondering when their treatment was done and when they were free to go.  One of them didn’t get any lunch from the catering staff for some reason but didn’t mention it until he became anxious about leaving late on in the evening, and possibly missing dinner his wife was cooking.  The other was worried because she was getting home late this evening, the journey would take a while and was tired, but would need to make dinner for herself when she got home.  (I absolutely sorted them out with food as soon as I found these matters out).  They broke my heart.  They were so sweet, unassuming, undemanding, grateful.   I just wanted to sit with them, keep them company, and make sure they were alright.

Anyways,  re. yday’s post, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is partial to alcohol, chocolate and other “unhealthy” foods.  High five for a healthy balance!  Speaking of which, here are today’s eats…

Dodgy soy yoghurt, dodgy cereal mix, awesome chopped banana, juicy raisins.  Above = before and all photogenic.  Below = all mixed up and more fun to eat, but not as photogenic.

Naturally the above is today’s packed lunch.  Soz for the bad lighting.  I decided to be more organised and photograph my lunch the night before instead of in a rush in the morning.

Because of my mid point review, I got back late this evening.  Whilst my food was taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  to cook I happily munched my way through these babies.  Pah to the “perfect for sharing” strapline.  There was no sharing tonight since Tom was out and I was starving.

I have to say, even though the ingredients are not bad (palm oil lets them down), these bad boys are better used as a vehicle for hummus or other tastey dip rather than on their own.  Nonetheless, they succeeded in distracting me until the main event:

A very boring but so needed and very much enjoyed dinner of baked sweet potatoes, thawed frozen peas, and loads of ketchup.  Simplicity.

There were some baked sweet potato rounds left so I decided to use them as another way to enjoy PB (Tom left me some :)), and pre-chocolate (which I’m sure you can imagine).

And now I am going to enjoy a glass of vino and watch the box.  Cheers! xxx

PS Fellow UK peops, check out the giveaway at Celery and Cupcakes, ends Sunday 24th July.


One thought on “Progress

  1. so sad about the chemo patients. 😦 so good of you to look after them anyway you could.
    anyway-those crackers look right up my alley….and your yogurt, cereal, fruit mix would totally hit the spot. usually the least photogenic food is the most fun to eat 🙂


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