Sugar n Stress

As suggested by the title, all I have been craving today is chocolate, baked goods, sweet cereals, and anything else loaded with sugar.  I don’t know what is wrong with me!  Maybe it’s the time of the month, or maybe it’s because I’m stressed.  Apparently the release of cortisol during times of stress can cause sugar cravings, which is why people often say that weight gain occurs when people are stressed.  And once the sugar cycle begins with all the blood sugar level fluctuations, the cravings only get worse.   Below are my new addiction.  I just cannot get enough of these cookies.  I think I’m going to have to limit how often I buy them (no self-restraint).

No words.

Today’s shift was great.  Had lovely patients who were a pleasure to look after.  It wasn’t too busy, and I felt that I was able to get most of the things done that I wanted to.  That rarely happens.  The only downside was that one of the patient’s I looked after on Friday passed away on Saturday.  He was a young, courageous and lovely man.

I’m also feeling a little less stressed about everything that is coming up in the next couple of months; it’s all about taking each day as it comes.  And there’s only so much “one” can do at any given time. Innit.

As for today’s eats.  They’ve been pretty average (shock).  I haven’t even bothered taking photos of most of the things I’ve been snacking on – dried fruit, nuts, handfuls of cereal, dark chocolate – you get the idea.


Breakfast in two parts: nectarines (still loving).  And cereal mix with strawberry and banana soy yoghurt (not loving).  The yoghurt was so disappointing but I think my standards are rather high after my recent love affair.

Snackage 1: rice cakes with PB and marmite (obvo I had more than pictured).

Packed dinner: same salate as last night, cashews, raw fruit n nut bar, melon and grape.

More snackage…

Naturally I finished my night with my biscuit addiction (mentioned above) and decaf coffee.

What a snacky day (far worse than normal).

How was your Monday?  Any good?


4 thoughts on “Sugar n Stress

  1. I crave sugar when I’m tired and cranky. Or maybe I’m tired and cranky because I need sugar? Hmm…it’s the chicken or the egg question…

    I’m a night-snacker too, and I can’t seem to break it!


  2. yummy snacks!

    i imagine you to be a very sweet and comical nurse. your patients are blessed to have you care for them!


  3. The biscuits sound delicious, I love ginger biscuits. We have been known to see off a whole pack with a cuppa in this house!
    I always crave sugar when I’m over tired or its that time of the month.


  4. I love ginger, especially in biscuits! I go through stages of craving sugar – it’s usually when I’ve had something really salty or when I’ve already had lots of sugar.


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