Lost weekend

Good morning!

It has been a non-stop weekend.  And now the working week has started!  I have to say, I’m feeling pretty stressed.  I have my midpoint review this week to assess how I’m getting on at placement and if I’m on track to pass the placement and the nursing practice side of the course.  On top of this I really need to get back to working on my dissertation and get ready for moving (in 11 days time).  I’m rubbish when this much is going on.  And I feel like rubbish.  My diet’s been too non-IBS friendly on the weekends which always impacts on how I end up feeling in the week.

Back to this weekend.  I always pack a load of snacks when we go away.  This time I think I under-packed!  The usual soy milk, PB, and rice cakes were missing.  At least I had packed snack bars, crystallised ginger, cereal mix, trail mix, and dried strawbs.

The weather was atrocious for most of the Saturday.  At some points during the drive to London we could barely see the road due to the mix of back spray from the cars, poor drainage on the road, and the heavy rain.

We made two vital stops on the way.  One at M&S…

Not just for fruit and breakfast though.  Tom realised on the Friday night that he didn’t have any suitable shirts to wear for the wedding, and I realised on the Saturday morning that I needed to buy an umbrella.

And the other stop for…

Coffee!  This is a grande soy capp.  I made the mistake of getting an extra shot of coffee so it was super strong.  Defo buzzing after this.

More snackage.

After this photos didn’t really happen.  The wedding blessing happened, as did champagne and catch-ups, wedding breakfast, after parties, wine, and a very late night.  I’m rubbish at taking photos when we’re away.  I just forget.

Sunday we headed back after a quick coffee and cake at lunch time with Tom’s fam.  In the evening Tom and I tried to have a relaxed one with some wine and takeaway.  I went for a rice mix and salad (and stole bits of Tom’s chinese, obvo).

Now it’s Monday, and another busy week of shifts, studying, and packing.  Ugh.  This week I’m going to try to go back to IBS friendly eats and less wine…

How was your weekend?  Any highlights?


3 thoughts on “Lost weekend

  1. Monday’s come around too quick don’t they.
    Can you rope someone in to help with packing? When I moved the other week I literally chucked it all in black bags, dreading unpacking it all in a few more weeks.
    I love marksies fruit, I have been getting my strawbs from there the past couple of weeks as they are literally the size of my fist.
    Hope your IBS doesn’t give you too much jip this week x


  2. My weekend was quiet – all my usuals really – yoga, running, doing nothing, cleaning and cooking and more cleaning 🙂


  3. Hi Leigh! Yeah we’re roping people in to help, and we’re doing it over a few days. Loving strawbs at mo, and i ALWAYS love Marks.

    Hi Errign! Sounds like a great weekend, I cant’ wait for a quiet one and to go to yoga.


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