I’ve lost a week

Well, hello there.

Where has the week gone.  I can’t believe my last post was on Tuesday and it is now Saturday!  I’m going to keep this post a quick one as we’re about to leave to go to London for a wedding.  This week has been crazy busy.   Fortunately after my last post my shifts this week have gradually got better.  When I’m feeling a little more confident in my abilities I really love the ward I’m on.  It would be amazing if I could get a job there once I’m qualified but we shall see.

Book club on Wednesday was really good. The next book is Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay if anyone wants to read along?

This week’s food photos haven’t been happening much.  Here’s lunch from earlier on in the week:

On Thursday evening we went to visit our new house that we’re moving into in a couple of weeks.  It needs a bit of work but it’s a beautiful house and I can’t wait to live there.  So with packing, moving, unpacking, placement assessments and dissertation work I will probs MIA for the next couple of weeks (I’ll try not to be though).  After that we treated ourselves to some wine and dinner on the sofa…

This was one of the best’s salads I’ve had in a while.  It had my usual salad base (greens, cucumber, carrots), coupled with marinated tempeh and roasted sweet potato, dressed in EVOO.  Too good.  In fact, I had the same thing for dinner yesterday (as you will see).

Two breakfasts happened yesterday.  Breakfast no. 1: Vanilla Soya Yoghurt, cereal mix, fresh strawberries (they taste amazing right now).  Since I was still hungry and had a late shift before I went I had another breakfast:

More cereal mix and the rest of the soya yogurt (sad times).

This is the best soya yoghurt I have tasted to date.  I cannot get enough of it.  I know that people hate on the soy, but why???  Note the web page in the back detailing the health benefits of soy.  Good enough for me (as long as it’s non-GMO).

Yesterday’s dinner on my late shift is the same salad as Thursday, a mix of dried mango, dried banana and nuts (I resuse the zip-seal bags when I can hence it looking a little battered), strawbs and nectarine mix, and an energy bomb.  Hit the spot.  When I got home I just munched on the usual PB on corn thins, dark chocolate etc.

Now I’m off to quickly pack for London.  The weather is horrendous!  It’s tipping down.  Luckily this is the bride and groom’s second wedding.  They actually got married last year in the U.S., where they now live, but are having a British wedding for friends and fam who couldn’t make it out there (the bride’s american, the groom’s english).

Hwyl! x


4 thoughts on “I’ve lost a week

  1. Lovely looking food 🙂 I’m often a two breakfasts kind of girl – it is the best meal of the day!
    I hope you enjoy the wedding and it doesn’t pour down too much.


  2. Enjoy the wedding – hope the weather clears up a bit for you!

    I generally like soy things, but not soy yogurt 😦


  3. May I please get your tempeh marinade/cooking method? Yours looks lovely.
    I haven’t tried soy yogurt, I drink soy milk and eat soy puddings so I probably would like it. I have no issue with soy either, it’s a plant!
    Hope the wedding was lovely and the sun came out.


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