Good evening!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and well wishes.  Sorry I haven’t had chance to reply to them.  This weekend has flown by!  My stomach is feeling a little more normal today.  Not quite there yet, but it’s to be expected.  Taking this into consideration, yesterday’s eats were pretty impressive I think…

I decided this was the most benign yet tasty of foods that my stomach could handle.  After taking the photo, I chopped up an apple and made it into an apple and PB roll-sandwich.  It was amazing.

Weirdly, I was still starving afterwards… and this happened:

There was half a bar of Green and Black’s ginger dark chocolate which I managed to munch through whilst studying.

Since I was still massively hungry after that I decided to go for my fave combo of vanilla soy yoghurt and a granola-cereal mix.  Just about hit the spot for a little while.  Until I need more snackage…

Dried mango and banana!  So good (and probs not the best for the IBS…).

By dinner time I was feeling ready for some greenery since my eats thus far had been full of browns and beiges.  I need colour in my days!  A simple salad with cashews, and carrots and hummus.  The plate at the back with the hummus is me trying to practice restraint.  Totally didn’t happen.  Instead, the full tub (large tub at that), became…

I actually did practice restraint by not finishing the whole thing.

Today’s eats have been all over the place!  So no photos.  I’m not even going to bother trying to remember what I’ve eaten.  Too difficult since I’ve been virtually eating the entire day away!  Oh well, these things happen.  Hopefully my sensitive stomach will be able to handle it.  It’s just been one of those weekends…  I have to say, I hate that my eating habits have been all over the place this weekend.  Especially today.  I feel really out of sorts because of it.  A lack of structure to my daily food intake is not good for the old ED mentality.  I feel out of control and if I stopped to think in any detail how much I’ve consumed today it would be far too depressing.  But I’m harnessing all the will I have to not get down or stressed etc by it…  Tomorrow’s a new day.

On the plus side, I managed to get a good chunk of dissertation work done and even managed a 4-mile run this morning.

How has your weekend been?  Any highlights?



5 thoughts on “Gosh

  1. Glad your IBS is settling down a bit. I never know what to do with mine, as the foods that don’t mess with it usually aren’t vegan (when it kicks off, any fibrous things, wheat, gluten, even corn, all seem to set it off) or even veggie so I generally end up just ploughing through and hoping it resolves itself, or at times when it’s been absolutely awful eating something I’ve regretted later. I wish I was more help!

    But that hummus….oooh, I got through a tub of it last week and it killed my stomach. The reduced fat mini-pots don’t seem to have quite such a bad effect so I don’t know if it’s the fat, the fact that Sabra is more garlicky or the fact that those mini pots are pre-portioned so I don’t eat 1/2 a huge tub at a time (totally with you on the self-restraint=not a whole tub thing).

    I very much doubt you’ve eaten as badly as you think you have: you’re ED’s trying to deceive you into believing that but with all the stress you’re under and active shifts/weird hours I bet you need a lot more calories than you could ever guess.




  2. Oooh, that hummus looks fascinating! There aren’t many interesting hummus varieties available in the shops here. I guess I could always make some… 😛


  3. My eating was completely out of wack this weekend and it completely threw me too. It was quite tempting to skip breakfast today to ‘compensate’ but I made myself get on with it and feel better now. Don’t stress about it, because today is a new day and yesterday doesn’t really matter! Glad you got some of your dissertation done too, when’s it in for?


  4. I often have weekends when my eating goes out of whack, but it’s important to to get stressed about it and just eat normally the next day (not restricting or overeating).

    Mmmm … Green and Black’s!!


  5. Jess – Thank you for your lovely comment. Much appreciated. It is helpful just knowing that there is someone else who struggles with IBS even if you don’t have tips. I don’t feel like I’m the only one in the world with it that way 🙂 You’re probs right re. the ED voice and needing more calories that I think. I’m not very good at gauging how much food I need. xxx

    Hannah – I would defo make some if I wasn’t lazy! 😛

    Leigh – you’re right. stress is rubbish and yesterday was a new day where I gradually felt better 🙂 Dissertation’s due in September but my supervisor wants to see drafts before August! Crazy.

    Sarah – Thank you, like the others, you’re right as well. I have such wise commenters. And Green and Black’s is just the.best.


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