Dragging my way through Thursday

I’ve finished my night shifts!  High-five me!  Last night was a blessing.  It was busy enough to pass the time, and without any major stress.  And the nurse I worked with (another mentor of mine) is awesome.  She’s kind, thorough, and a great nurse.

Today, post night shift I feel completely disorientated (again).  I got 4 hours sleep when I got home this morning.  And now I’m trying to engage in mindless activity since I have zero energy for anything else.  I’m catching up on blog posts too but my brain is struggling so I’m sparing the blogs from my comments.  I started off commenting on some posts until my mind went fuzzy and the caffeine stopped working.  Blog commenting, how do you feel about it?  I love getting comments on my blog (love, love) but I also understand that most follow loads of blogs as well as have their own blogs, and lives outside of blogging so it becomes pretty impossible to comment on all the posts you’ve read.  This is the case for me anyway- I may not have commented but I have defo read and loved your blog posts (otherwise I wouldn’t bother adding you to my google reader).  Do you always comment on posts you’ve read?  If not, what makes you comment on a post when you wouldn’t usually?  I haven’t phrased that question very well, sorry!  I usually comment if I’m feeling chatty, have time, and something in the post has stood out to me, or I have connected with it in some way.  Or sometimes I just comment without rhyme or reason and just to say hi.

Wow, I am shocked that I managed to write the paragraph let alone formulate opinions to put out there!  Maybe my brain is working after all; it’s just disguised itself as dopey and tired.  Impressive, brain.  Very impressive.  (Note to self: keep standards low after nights, better for morale).

Food since my last appearance has been the usual, and put together and consumed in a comatosed state.  And today’s food hasn’t happened yet as my body’s completely confused about whether or not it should be hungry.  Here’s a quick recap:

Dinner, or whatever you want to call it, before my shift was the salad that I packed for the previous night but didn’t eat.  I topped it with roasted sweet potato chunks, red peppers and mushrooms, and cashews.  And had it with a side of those spicy tortilla chip things I also had yesterday.  Did the trick.

Snacks for the night are pretty obvo- nuts (ate), melon (ate), dried fruit and candied ginger (ate), snack-a-jacks (ignored), oatcakes packet on left (ate), oatcakes packet on right (ignored).  The Nairns fine milled ones are weird- they stick to the roof of your mouth; something that is never pleasant let alone when you’re on a night shift and the  nausea hour comes by.

Now all I need to do is decide what to eat for breakfast (??? at 2pm) and that will stand me in good stead for a run later…  Difficult.


3 thoughts on “Dragging my way through Thursday

  1. I have been thinking about commenting recently. In fact the funny thing is that I was just reading through a load of posts today *without* commenting — which I usually feel bad about doing. But I decided to today as they were piling up, and I’ve been way too busy and stressed, and I just decided to take the pressure off from a task that should, essentially, be fun. And then I came to this post and you brought me back out of my commenting shell!

    I went through a period of trying to keep up with every post on my google reader, comments and all. But then I found that with just a few busy days here and there, or a couple of evenings with other engagements, the whole thing would become unmanageable. As a general rule, I give myself a break if it has been a stressful couple of days. I also try and respond in kind wherever possible. So if someone is leaving thoughtful and considered comments on my posts, then I will (try to!) do the same. I must admit that I struggle to keep up with those bloggers who post daily though, and so now have had to start just commenting on the most recent post if I fall behind. I’ll read the others, and comment if there is something in there that I have a burning desire to say something about. But otherwise I’m trying to be a bit more lax. There’s only so much you can let this take over your life — and it could *completely* take over if you let it!

    I am taking over your comments section now. Doh. And shh.

    Well done on the nightshifts though 🙂


  2. I have a lot of extra time lately, so I spend a lot more time commenting then usual, I do try to return every comment I get, though if I get multiple comments from one blogger before I get back to their blog, I just comment on the newest entry. I also don’t use google reader, but I might give it a shot. I always felt like it took the fun out of visiting blogs, but it’s a timesaver.


  3. Yes, the commenting thing is something I’m struggling with. I’ve always prided myself on replying to every single comment and visiting everyone’s blog who visits mine, but it’s becoming really hard to juggle full time work, a social life, me-time, family time, writing my own blogs, and commenting! Stupid darn perfectionism… 😛

    I’m so in awe of our job, though. Night-shifts scare the pants off me, as I’m a terrible sleeper as it is!


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