Ok, so maybe my first day of my final nursing student placement wasn’t utopian but as first days go, this was pretty darn close!  All my fears surrounding being ready to be a registered nurse at the end of it, and IV meds, bloods and drug calculations should be sorted in this placement.  Phew.  Today was just an orientation day where the student link nurse said what she expected from us, what we can expect from the ward, and what sorts of patients we’ll get.  It sounds like they are super thorough when it comes to signing off student’s assessments documentation.  I like that.  It means that if I’m not good enough, they won’t pass me.  This suits me fine; if I am, in any way, not competent in providing an area of nursing care I don’t want my future patients being put at risk because someone passed me on any assessment when they shouldn’t have.  Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details- I’ll leave them for a later date (lucky you).

Back to this weekend, it’s flown by!  Since we last met I have had a date night with the husband and been back to Wales for my auntie’s wedding.  And all the while being distracted by and nervous about my first day today.  Suffice it to say, I was slack with picture taking.  I do have some images though.  Speaking of which, thank you all for your portion sizes suggestions.  I have begun implementing them already, and they work (when I make a conscious effort to carry them out).

This has been breakfast the last few days- chopped banana, vanilla soy yoghurt, and eat natural cereal.  I love this but I have to ask, does anyone else find bananas a bit tough on their digestive system?  Mine has not been the same since I’ve bought bananas back into my life.  Annoying, and a major inconvenience.

Amazing quinoa, mixed with hummus, avocado, cucumber and tomato piled on top of salad.  This was a winner and kept me full for ages when I coupled it with a nakd bar (you don’t need a picture of those, right?).

I had two of these plates for dinner yesterday at my aunt’s wedding.  I know what you’re thinking.  We weren’t expecting to stay for dinner so I wasn’t prepared with any food to supplement my salad.  I defo arrived home hungry so snacked away on PB&J on rice cakes, raw balls etc.

Today lunch on my early shift was salad not dissimilar to this one and with a nakd bar to supplement it.

It’s now 16:30 and I am starving!  I could happily eat dinner asap without it being too early for me but I should wait for the Thomas to arrive home first.  Darn.

Hope your week has started off well.  Opinions on bananas?  Helpful to your digestive system or a hinderance? xxx


4 thoughts on “Haem-Utopia

  1. I have to be careful that bananas are completely ripe, otherwise they give me stomach ache. Other than that though I can’t say I’ve had problems with them.

    Great salad too — avos and houmous is a great combination.

    Am glad your first day at the hospital went ok too. It must be really exciting for you — not least to get you out of the house!


  2. That’s weird…I thought bananas are easy to digest, since they aren’t as acidic as other fruits. It’s supposed to HELP digestion. Perhaps they were too raw or too ripe…?


  3. Hi Sophia! Thanks for your suggestion. It’s not usually the acidity of fruit that bothers me, and if I was to pick a perfect ripeness that banana was at it. When I was younger my mum used to avoid giving them to me as they would give me a stomach ache (I like to ignore this bit of history). Luckily my stomach recovered quicker than usual so maybe I’m slowly building a tolerance to them. I’m not ready to give up on the banana yet though; they’re too good 🙂


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