Was bored, now relaxed. Tips, please.

I’m writing this on June 17th, the same day as I wrote and published my last post.  Stranger things have happened.

Today has been most unproductive.  I had all these bright ideas about what studying I had to do but I think I’ve been indoors too much so I’m going stir crazy.  Yup.  And I made the fatal mistake of having a shower and getting glammed up for my night out too early in the day.  Now I want to exercise but I can’t be bother to shower and re-do my make-up after a sweatfest.  Anyone else had that dilemma?  Suffice it to say, instead I have done a bit cleaning and A LOT of faffing.  Bummer.  What a waste of a day!  But these things happen.

So, I guess I should share some food stuff since this a food blog…  I was going to bake but I couldn’t be bothered (are you noticing a theme… laziness, perhaps?).  Ok, food.

Today’s lunch was a mix of whatever was lying around in my fridge,

Quinoa, roasted parsnips & sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots.  With some cashews (possibly my fave nut).  Nut surprisingly, this did not fill me up for long.  I just cannot get too grips with portion control!  I am rubbish at judging how much to give myself.  Anyone have any tips?  I’d rather not need a snack 2 hours later.

Ooo, I recieved two new cookbooks in the post this week.  When I’m sitting at home, working on my computer I have an awful habit of buying stuff that I don’t really need.  But one can never have too many cookbooks, right?  Right.

La Dolce Vegan I bought on a friend’s recommendation.  She said it’s her most used cookbook (always a good sign).  The second, Appetite for Reduction, I bought as I read an excellent, glowing review of it in a foodie magazine a few months ago.  I haven’t cooked anything from them yet.  But I’m sure you’ll hear about it when I do.

Ok, I should go now.  The Hubs is about to come home from work.


Fast forward to now, Saturday morning.  I have diligently uploaded photos from last night’s meal and am ready to bore you with them…

Whenever we go to Tampopo, I always get the same thing: Nonya Vegan Curry and Sauteed Greens.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I think this image of the greens may be upside down…

That’s me, btw- more than ready to eat!  Excuse the red eye.  (I realise that my chopsticks are upside down, I did rectify this before using them to inhale the food).

The hubs (left) and our friend.  Nothing much I can say about this really, it’s a pretty representative image.

Twas a great evening but we watched the 10pm showing of Senna and I was falling asleep in parts of the film (due to a mix of tiredness and lack of interest).

How was your friday night?  Fun weekend plans?  More importantly, any tips on determining adequate portion sizes?  Ideally I want to feel full/satiated for a good 3-4 hours after eating, but not stuffed.  Thanks!



7 thoughts on “Was bored, now relaxed. Tips, please.

  1. sounds like you had a fun, semi-relaxing day, which is never a day wasted.;) your quinoa veggie cashew bowl is right up my alley. i’m not sure about portion sizes, though i know i need a lot more veggies to fill me than meats or starches. i have a salad with most meals which seems to fill me and john for quite a bit.

    happy saturday!=)


  2. Hi Sarah. I find myself having the same problem with portion sizes and constant snacking. I’m in the process of supplementing the meats in my diet with more grains and vegetables. I’ve never had quinoa before, is it not as filling as rice is?


  3. Hi Sarah, lovely to catch up on your blog. I hope you are well. I also struggle with portion sizes. I know this sounds a bit strange, but I use the portion recommendations from my Weight Watchers days. They give really practical ideas on portion sizes that don’t necessarily require strict measuring. I find their suggestions invaluable and I simply apply them to a more “whole foods and GF” diet. I don’t know if you can access this info from their site. I may be able to pass them along to you as I have access to a password protected area. On a related note, my husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tampopo because it is one of the few places we can get GF food. We were just there last week!


  4. Those pictures are cute! And that curry looks amazing!!

    I guess with the portion sizes, if you’re getting hungry, then just make them bigger? Alternatively, if you eat pulses (I can’t keep track of people’s diets!) then I think adding some kidney beans or chickpeas or whatever to that dish would help? I find them pretty filling. Or you could just grab an apple if you get hungry?

    I would also fall asleep in a 10pm showing btw — so late!


  5. Hello Welsh girl, I am a Welsh girl too! Are you eating enough fat and protein? For example the first meal was all veg with some cashews. Maybe you could start with doubling the amount of cashew nuts you add, and see if that helps? Or add some avocado, or a dessert of a banana and some nut butter. Love your blog, I will continue to read 🙂


  6. Hi Sabrina!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tampopo is amazing, isn’t it. Thanks for the tips on WW portions; I’ve been able to find some info on their site. Hope you’re well x


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