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Hello there!

After my swift return back here last week I haven’t cooked, created or baked anything blogworthy.  And I barely remembered to take photos either.  Here are the few snapshots I did take…

Yup, I’m slowly breaking out of my PB and rice cakes/corn thin rut… for breakfast at least!  Here we have soy yoghurt with GF granola and GF multi-grain flakes.  Love it!

If I’m going to yoga or a run in the morning I tend to skip this and have my fave go-to pre-exercise snack (again replacing the old PB and corn thins)

Yup, they are raw-ish vegan balls…  Once upon a time these were everywhere in blog world.  Well, I’m bringing them back into this household!  I used one of my fave recipes for these fruit and nut delights from Voracious Eats: raw peanut butter balls.  Two of these and I’m good to go.  More recipes can be found here and here.

Next up are small quick, working lunch/dinner salads:

Both have brown rice and tofu as their base (which always tends to sink to the bottom during prep) and then whatever veg I have lying around.

And that’s it.  Not much else has been happening.  I’ve been plodding on with my dissertation, which after a 5-day panic/blip is now on the up.  I start my final nursing placement/rotation on a haematology ward next week.  I’m really looking forward to it but am also a little nervous as all my assessment documents for the last 3 years, and give me the go ahead to join the nursing register, will (hopefully) be signed off during this placement.  No stress here…

How’s your week going?  xxx


6 thoughts on “Insert title…

  1. Exciting news about the nursing register! I’m glad the dissertation is moving back into a good phase again too 🙂

    Jemma’s right, though balls do sound amazing — I’m not sure I’d be able to just eat 2 at a time though. Anything involving peanuts / dried fruit and I’m a bit of a glutton!


  2. Have bookmarked this new site now. 🙂 Good luck with all the degree and dissertation stuff!


  3. Hi ladies, thanks! I love them. Alison, if I have them at any time other than pre-workout I have to exercise some serious self-restraint! I am a peanut butter and chocolate addict. x


  4. Nope. No stress. Don’t be stressed out, I’m sure you’ll do fine! And soon you’ll be boasting your nursing register. 🙂


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