Where is The zone?

So, I have been trying to get into the blogging zone and successfully managed to take photos of some of my food over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I only got images of the boring stuff…


Salad 1

 Salad 2

Salad 3

Guess I’ve been eating a lot of salads…  What I “failed” to capture was all the chocolate and wine and thai and chinese food that has also been consumed.

Y’know.  At the risk of getting melancholy (again!), I’ve been feeling really low.  Blogging, food, and exercise used to be my passions.  For the most part I loved my Gluten-free Tries Vegan blog and the community in which it lived.  I loved healthy living.  But recently my emotions have been lurching all over the place and I’ve gone between feeling motivated to find balance in my life, and then just utter comfort eating and mopping around.  Consequently, balance in body and mind has most definitely been missing.

It’s been a really tough year.  A lot has changed, and my course is draining.  I’m burnt out.  I love reading others blogs but sometimes they just get me down.  People are either entering into amazing races (half marathons, triathalons etc), exciting phases of their lives, or having babies.  I would just like to escape babyland for once but there is no escape…  People are either blogging about pregnancy, babies, children, or many of my friends are having them.  Anyone else feel like you’re losing your social groups to babies?

Also, studying is just depressing me.  I just want to live and be, rather than being forced to learn and write, and then research, then write.  7 years in the university education system is just too much.

Sorry about this post.  I just need to reach out into the wilderness that is the internet/blogsphere and vent.  Usually I save these kind of vents for my journal.  But since I’m trying to get back into bloggong I just thought I’d put this out there.  At the moment I feel governed by negative emotions and unfulfilled desires.  I want to be somewhere and someone else today.

Yours truly, Sarah


6 thoughts on “Where is The zone?

  1. >Aw Sarah honey you poor thing! It's hard when you're feeling down and everyone around you – it seems – is feeling up. But for every down life hands you, there's an up waiting at the bottom. Things will pick up again. You will feel inspired again. Often it's simply acknowledging how you feel that begins the process of the light getting back in. Don't put pressure on yourself, everything is OK as it is and it will work out. Much love xx


  2. >Oh heavens, I could have written this! Except I'm in year 10 of university education (my last one though — woot!).I don't know much of your story as I only caught the tail end of your last blog, but it sounds to me like you're going through a very transitional period — diet, study, social group, all of those things are in some stage of change? (I'm assuming you finish uni this summer if you're dissertationing right now?)On the uni front, don't underestimate how utterly draining and depressing it is to have to be self-motivating and work alone every day. I think very few people are actually wired for that. It's tough. I find meeting friends for coffee / working in school (in order to bump into people!) and making sure I have plans for the evenings is important. The temptation is to just get sucked into thesis land, but that does more harm than good when it comes to morale.If it's any consolation, I am also moping a lot right now. After a long period of illness, and letting my diet and fitness go to pot, I am finding it really hard to find that elusive balance — I'm veering all over the place at the moment. I don't know whether it helps to hear that, but if you are trying to get back into blogging, then having a fellow moper to lament with is a start, right? 😉


  3. >Hi Alison! Thanks for your kind words. You're right, I am in a transitional period right now. I finish my degree in December and from Feb-ish 2012 I will be a qualified nurse! I cannot wait, it's been a long journey.I really appreciate your empathy and sympathy. I'm not wired for constant studying, which is why I opted out of doing a PhD after my Masters degree. I'm glad to have a fellow moper! We can keep each other updated and motivated, maybe? 🙂


  4. i didn’t know you were still blogging! yay! your salads look yummy.

    sorry to hear you’ve had a rough year. keep your head up. university was hard for me… i was there 4 years, then when i got a job teaching it felt like i never left. know that you are on a path of greatness, though the road now may seem long and bumpy.=)


  5. ps – i tried goody good stuff gummy candies per your recommendation – i’m in love!


  6. Hi Kelli! it’s so good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate them. It is defo a bumpy road!

    Glad you like the goody good stuff sweets, they are awesome!



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