>The 30th Year

>Happy weekend!

Yesterday was my birthday, thanks for my birthday messages tweeters and facebookers.  I had a very lazy and relaxing day after a rather big night out on the Thursday (one of the few perks of being a student sitting at home writing a dissertation is that there is no such thing as a school night).

It’s really strange thinking that I am now in my 30th year.  I have to say, I had a mini-crisis yesterday morning.  To tackle it I sat down and journalled.  I documented what has changed in the last year, and what my intentions are for the next year.  Want to know a few of my intentions?

Ok.  Recently I have been getting back in to running, so one of my intentions is to run a half marathon before I’m 30.  That’s reasonable, right?  Another important intention is to be kind to myself and my body.  Over the last year I have gained almost a stone in weight.  Even though this was necessary, it’s meant that I’ve struggled with a lot of negative body commentary from myself.  Sometimes I miss my skinny body but I know that’s my old eating disordered mind speaking.  It’s been hard to like my new curves but I’m getting there.  And running really helps.  Through it I feel strong and empowered.  High-five for running.

My final intention is to get back to blogging.  I miss it dearly and I keep telling myself that as soon as I’m done with this dissertation, I’ll get back to it.  But life’s too short and why put off doing the things you love just to achieve a first in a dissertation/degree?  So, I’m settling for happiness and a 2.1 in my degree, rather than misery and a 1st.  Or, i’m trying to at least!

Finally, I need your help.  I am in a MAJOR breakfast rut.  Big time.  Most breakfasts are this:

 x3.  Yup, approx. 6 corn thins/rice cakes with peanut butter and marmalade.  I’m seriously addicted.  But I think I need to break this addiction.  So, I need some healthy breakfast suggestions please.  Ideally they need to include low fructose fruits (berries, banana, citrus), gluten-free, and dairy/lactose-free.  Thanks so much in advance.  I could really do with your help.

Anyway, plans for my birthday weekend include yoga, a birthday BBQ with the family back in Wales, thai food with friends and some dissertation work (…possibly).

Do you guys have any plans?  Hope you have a great weekend!

Good luck to Caitlin, who’s participating in an open water challenge today!

And congrats to Kath, whose bakery opened yesterday (perfect day for it!).

With love x

 Me (far right) and my girls a couple of weekends ago.

2 thoughts on “>The 30th Year

  1. >Happy belated birthday!It sounds to me like you're in a great place going into your 30th year. And I for one would love it if you blogged more, as there are a number of issues that you've talked about that I really relate to. The dissertation, the wrangling with (non)veganism, the reticence about healthy weight gain… So I look forward to you posting again, as and when it happens 🙂


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