>Another day

>It’s been quite a week.

Tuesday weirdly I felt disgusting all day- as in wiped out, I can’t move because I feel so sick.  I’m not sure what it was.  It could have been due to a new Thai restaurant we tried out on Monday evening, or it could have been my body’s reaction to night shifts.  Who knows.  I almost didn’t make it into placement on Wednesday either, but it was a 9:00-17:00 shift and I was spending the day with the ward (cardiac) pharmacist so I knew it was going to be relatively easy going (no bed baths etc, or running around like a headless chicken trying to do everything for 7 patients who all need you at the same time).  It ended up being a really good day.  I learnt more about cardiac medication and ended up going home at 16:15 (one of the perks of being a student nurse).
Yesterday was my long day on the ward, i.e. 7:15-21:15.  It was better than usual as the day was broken up by a visit to cardiac rehab in the middle of the shift, which was great.  Did the rehab exercises with some patients who have had cardiac surgery, cardiac interventions, or myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and chatted about their experiences.  Cardiac rehab nursing- what a lovely job!  Maybe one day.  Back on the ward later it was manic.  Sometimes I feel like I spend all my time doing paperwork and trying to ascertain what a new patient requires and who their doctor is.  Defo one of the frustrating aspects of the job.
Anyway, today I have a late shift (13:15-21:15) before I have the weekend off, woo woo.  Thus I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some of my food highlights over the last few days.  I’m still not back in the habit of taking pictures of all my food so there’s still LOADS of eats missing.
Breakfast is usually a quick coffee and a couple of biscuits or if I’m trying to be healthier I have wholegrain GF toast with PB/AB and marmite)

I think on Tuesday I pretty much snacked the day away as my stomach wasn’t feeling great and my body clock was all over the place (in hindsight I probs ate far too much fibre for my queasy stomach).

This plate x3 was consumed (recipe for this dip to follow shortly).  Love it. 

Apples, corn thins/rice cakes with AB/PB are some addictions of mine.

And here’s my other addiction – sulphur-free, naturally dried apricots (the darker, and softer the better).  My dentist tells me off for eating too much dried fruit though as apparently they’re as bad for your teeth as sweets are since they’re sugary and stick to your teeth.  Bummer.  Still can’t break the addiction though.
Since I went to town on the fibrous foods throughout Tuesday I decided it was probably wise to give my stomach a break and have a relatively easy going dinner…
Jacket potato and a veggie burger.  Delicious in its brown-ness.
Finally, above is most of my packed foods for my long day.  Salads, roasted veg, cereal/granola mix, snack bars, fruit.  We only get two 30-minute breaks which means there’s only so much food one can consume in that small space of time.  Needless to say, I also snacked on chocolate whilst on shift, had a couple of rounds of toast before heading to work, and then loads of the ol’ corn thins with PB and more chocolate and dried fruit on my return – when I’m tired and hungry I just go for whatever I can prepare and get into my cake-hole the quickest.  Elegant, some may say…
Right, I need to get ready for my late shift now.  I’ll hopefully post up today’s food highlights, and maybe a recipe tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “>Another day

  1. >oo a recipe sounds YUM! i LOVE the almond butter jar right there- i have some of that in my kitchen and you jsut convinced me to go give it some lovin'!


  2. >I LOVE crazy Jack's dried apricots. Slightly addictive. It's a bit of a bummer that they're as bad for your teeth as sweets. I thought I was being healthy. Oh well…Hope the shift went well, Sarah! Glad to see you're blogging again 🙂


  3. >I was feeling so nauseous all day today (Tuesday). Damn Tuesdays. What does your dentist mean by "too much dried fruit"…I think a small bag or handful a day is fine, right? I love dried fruit. I secretly think they're even better than candy.


  4. >Welcome back to blogging, just found the new blog. Hope your weekend is going well! 🙂


  5. >OMG – I had not known you had started this blog. I should have emailed you and asked but instead I got all sad about not finding your blog and also owing you a super long email (i know, embarassing, it's been months). Ok, I am off to subscribe and look forward to catching up 🙂


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