Just food

Hello there and happy Friday!

I would like to say that my weekend has almost begun… but I’m on a late shift today and a late shift on Sunday.  But at least I have Saturday off.

Here are some food highlights:

I have to say, this meal was awesome.  I roasted courgette, parsnip, cherry tomatoes and red pepper in olive oil and cajun spice blend.  Once cooked I added in ready-to-eat marinated tofu and cooked rice.  Then dressed it with homemade salad dressing and mixed it all together.  At the moment I’m a massive fan of just chucking meals together with no recipe or plan.  When it comes to baking, it’s important to be precise.  But when making other delights I prefer to throw caution to the wind.

Sunday lunchtime our friend John (him and his wife are my only blog readers who I know in real life, thanks guys!) came over for lunch.   So I whipped up a soup with the same logic as the above meal.  700g of whatever veg is lying around (including a small onion, chopped), 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1tsp chilli powder.  Simmer together in 1 litre of stock (veg or chicken stock).  Once the veg is soft leave to cool a bit.  Then blend away with a generous handful or two of fresh basil.  Reheat to serve; job’s a good ‘un!

You may notice the bread and cheese on the table.  Unfortunately, these were not for me.  My soup was accompanied by rice cakes topped with peanut butter.  Dessert was naturally, one of my cookies.

Out of all the recipes I have created and showcased on this blog, I think these cookies are the most regularly made and consumed.  Sad but true.

Dessert also included…

I know this looks like baby food, and could probably pass as baby food.  However, it is a vanilla soy dessert and stewed apple with a bit of agave.  This reminded me of the apple and custard dessert that I used to have over my nanna’s as a child.  Simple comfort food for winter.

There you have just some of the foodie highlights of my week!  What are your foodie highlights?


19 thoughts on “Just food

  1. I totally agree, those ‘thrown together’ dinners and soups can be so delicious! I’ve been eating a lot of vegan meals recently that are like that and taste amazing. One of my foodie highlights this week was my coconut and vegetable curry for one with grilled almond maple crunch pears – so good I almost couldn’t believe I made it myself! Glad your back to your vegan ways and feeling good! 🙂


  2. My food highlights have been some of the things I ate while for a (very) quick trip to Berlin for the boyf’s birthday :-). No, wait – it was definitely wine and a glass of gluhwein in a cafe, sitting in the sun all afternoon after a long walk. The tummy is a bit out of kilter, though, but no glutening, yay! I printed some cards – I think you were the one who put me on to those? I ended up not using them, though, but it felt comforting to have.

    Good for you that you’ve gone back to vegan! I hope it helps both body & soul ;-). SO many good vegan things to have for winter, roast vegetables and wild rice or quinoa…mmm, I had a salad I used to make with some chopped veg and chopped dates and wild or black rice and a good dressing. Seriously, I just ate and my mouth is watering, this is silly, haha…Wanna know something funny about fats? As my tummy is healing, I’ve lost fat. Not weight – ok, weight too, but I’m stable now – but just fat, and I eat a lot of fat. As in: a lot. Coconut and olive oil mostly, on every meal. My theory? Because the tummy has been broken I haven’t been absorbing the fats and my body has been storing what it could find, just in case, in stead of supplying energy or building muscle, but now it’s getting what it needs from what I eat. Maybe it sounds completely out of whack to a future nurse 🙂 but I have no better idea. Well, let me be the gazillionth person to tell you: fats are your friend :-).

    You know what? I don’t think it’s sad that cookies are a staple in your household – I think it’s a sign that you’re right, your “old ways” are far away, and you like food and yourself enough to treat yourself to something tasty 🙂


  3. Yum, I love stewed apple and custard:) I made really yummy custard recently with Orgran No Egg, a little sugar and Alpro vanilla soya milk, it was as good if not better than the Alpro puddings. It was super delicious with my homegrown stewed Bramleys. I hope being vegan continues to be good for your health. I have found that eating for pleasure rather than strictly for my health has helped my tummy a lot, although that seems kind of counterintuitive!


  4. Ooooh! Those roast veggies and tofu look delicious. Simple meals are always my favorite. Glad you are figuring out what works for you. I’ve missed you and can’t wait to get back to blogging so we can be in touch more often.


  5. There is a great chapter in Becoming Vegan about eating disorders and the vegan diet. It is not judgemental, and one of the authors has struggled with it herself. I haven’t blogged about it much but one of the reasons I started eating more cooked foods is because I think my thoughts on eating on a raw diet were not healthy. I was too restrictive and had a fear/love relationship with certain foods. I’ve had to distance myself from that way of thinking in order to be healthier.

    I need a cookie now. 🙂


  6. The tofu dish looks wonderful and glad vegan is working out for you again. I’ve struggled with adjusting to it a bit and have thought about taking a break, but lately I’ve been relishing the amazing, fresh ingredients I get to work with.


  7. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with a resurgence of negative thinking. 😦 If going back to being vegan helps, then that’s wonderful, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself in all ways, okay? It’s no fun to be coping with work and stress and general life commitments when there are stupid voices trying to drag us down. So, yes, apart from saying that those cookies look just as amazing today, my main comment is to take care of yourself 🙂


  8. It is ok most of my food looks like babyfood 😉 LOL Your dessert sounds delicious!!! And those cookies, oh my they look soft and tasty!!!

    My favorite eats today have been pumpkin donuts and some roasted beets and squash. Random but delicious 😉


  9. hi friend!

    thanks for letting me know via the comments to me you’re back to your vegan ways. not that i really care one way or the other how anyone eats…what i do care about is that you FEEL happy and healthy and if this is doing the trick for you, mazel tov 🙂


  10. hey sarah!
    I wanted to thank you for the email you send to me ages ago about your struggle with your IBS. Well I still have these issues too but now I know it’s not IBS it’s lymphocytic colits that I am suffering. your blog really always makes me wonder if I should give the gluten free way of living another try. How long did it take you to notice an improvement when you started going gluten free? i Know this is probably ages ago but i’d still be really happy if you cared to share
    have a good weekend


  11. wow, that salad does sound good. im glad youre having success going back to your vegan ways. its impressive that you are so insightful about how your feelings are reflected in how your diet is going. im not sure that sounded how i meant it, but basically im happy for you and you should feel empowered because of how enlightened you are.


  12. I’m glad that your back with veganism, and that you have shared your insights about this choice with us (: You seem very in tune with yourself, and that is amazing. I hope that your continued healing is unfolds successfully…I’m sure that it will (:
    I will defintiely be sending you an email sometime soon! We can be theology buddies 😀 heehee xxxx


  13. All your food looks lovely and I must try your cookies. I’ve been to busy to cook a lot lately and have been having lots of quick to make meals. Vegan roast dinners have been appearing a lot with frozen nut roasts that take 10 mins to prep veggies but then I can go off and do other things whilst everythings in the oven. I also made an Autumnal casserole last night for the first time in years of root veggies in a cheezy apple sauce topped with thinly sliced potatoes which was total comfort food.


  14. Sounds like a good idea to go back to veganism if not being so was potentially bringing back old ed thought patterns. Oddly enough when I went veggie from being vegan it seemed to help me relax about food more, it’s funny how different things work for different people!


  15. hi! I’m a gluten-free almost-vegetarian 🙂 My goal is to go 100% vegetarian and I’m really glad to find this site. thanks!


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