Favourite Survival Foods on Hols

Greetings from a bright and sunny location in the South-West of England!

How are you all on this fine Hump Day?  Instead of continuing with the final part of our hols in the U.S. I thought I’d share with you some of my gluten-free, vegan survival foods whilst on holidays.  Food is one of my favourite things, after all.

Speaking of which, the lovely people at NursingSchools.net included this very blog in their list of 50 Best Food Allergy Blogs!  How kind (and crazy) is that?  I am both flattered and baffled as to why I made the top 50 when there are SO many other amazing food allergy blogs out there.  Nonetheless, thanks Ken and everyone else at NursingSchools.net!  I would like to thank God, my husband, my family….  kidding!  Couldn’t resist it though 🙂

So here are some of my allergen friendly foods that I consumed A LOT of through out our week away…

First off, there was the wonderful Whole Foods Salads (I’ve lost count of how many of these expensive pleasures I had),

Then there was my discovery of Snapple and Kale Krisps,

Sure, Snapple isn’t the healthiest of drinks but how I loved this flavour!  Any entrepeneurs out there who want to bring this variety over here?  Kale Chips, you’ll get another mention shortly.

Z Pizza!  Before you get worried, this was gluten-free and vegan and delicious!  Oh such joy…

No, that is not my “too-much-wine-face”.  That is my “i’m-delirious-with-joy-face”.  Pizza, that I can eat!  This pizza was like a red flag to a bull.  Nuff said.

There was also,

Wine.  Ok, not technically a food group nor a survival food but I did enjoy drinking this whilst away.  I love wine.  But I do not love cheap wine; it makes me gag.  I’d rather go without than drink horrible wine.  Call me a wine snob, but thems the breaks (is that how the catchphrase goes???).

Finally, my imports home (of what I didn’t consume or bought more of before our return)…

I’ve had Larabars in the past as they used to be sold over here.  But since they were taken over by some corporate food giant they’ve stopped being imported.  Gutted.  I’ve tried countless times to order them online but to no avail.  And Nakd bars, whilst I love you, you do not have the array of flavours that Larabar do.

Kale Krisps, I have not forgotten you.  I’m trying to ration these as they’re just so tastey!  Who could want crisps when you’ve got these?  Awesome.  As were the cute little Quinoa Cookies.

Oh, I almost forgot…

Almond Butter that tastes like Peanut Butter!  I love this stuff.  I’ve spoken of my Peanut Butter obsession before.  However, whilst I love PB my digestive system does not.  MaraNatha to the rescue!  I have no idea how I’m going to manage when these jars run out.

Mary, I’m not too sure about your crackers.  They’re ok, but sometimes I feel like I’m going to break a tooth on the flaxseeds or something and this hinders my eating pleasure.

I also ate LOADS of apples.  And I’m still not tired of them.  I haven’t included a picture because you all know what they look like, right?

What foods do you enjoy and find difficult to get hold of?

Happy Wednesday!


27 thoughts on “Favourite Survival Foods on Hols

  1. Good almond butter would be near the top of my hard-to-find foods too. My boyfriend’s brother and wife are going to New York after Christmas, I’ll be putting in a nut butter wish list! I’d love to try Justin’s chocolate hazelnut. I discovered recently that Larabar/Nakd type bars are really easy to make at home and you can create any flavour you like. I made kale chips for my boyfriend’s birthday in August, they were amazing! Must do that again soon.
    I’d love to try Daiya too. I have heard it might be coming to the UK soon? I’m also excited about the Worthenshaw’s Freedom ice-cream (the girl that was on Dragon’s Den), it’s supposed to be in most of the supermarkets this week. It’s gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free etc etc- made with agave, rice and coconut.
    I think the best thing about visiting a big city is the restaurant variety- that pizza says it all! You just can’t get stuff like that in Ireland.


  2. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t tried kale chips. Probably because I can’t put them in a cake…?


  3. Ooh good eats – well done!! I love the selection of goodies you brought home with you. I feel the same way about Larabars and Nakd bars. Nakd bars are great but there are so many Larabar flavours, it’s insane!

    Where did you get the stuff that you brought home from? I might (if I’m lucky!) be going to NYC later in the year and would love to bring some stuff back with me. I’m thinking Whole Foods?


  4. Hey Girl! This post is right up my alley because my daughter and I are taking a very long flight to visit my hubby and I already have my list of allergen-free foods that I need to get!

    What a bummer about the Larabars 😦 They ARE super duper easy to make yourself though! 😉

    Oh-SO jealous @ the pizza! I haven’t had pizza in years!! Happy for you though 🙂

    It’s actually hard for me to get plain ol’ kale in my area. I have to drive about 25 miles to the nearest city to get it. I’m in a tiny town and none of the stores around here sell it.
    I’m sure when we move to Seattle in a couple months that will no longer be an issue! Hubby’s calling telling me how almost every day he goes to eat lunch at a Whole Foods or similar type store.
    grrrr…..that’s just mean! 😉
    Hope you’re doing well!!


  5. Love the whole foods salads and the larabars. I know what you mean about the larabars, though I like making my own larabar/nakd bars with Katie’s fudge baby recipes. 🙂


  6. whole foods is definitely a saving grace…an expensive one…but a saving one too!!!

    i’ve been wanting to pick up the quinoa choc chop cookies for a while…but always wonder what they would taste like…and it stops me…

    i also love me some vino…mmmm…especially the bubbly variety!!!!

    looks like you had a fantastic vacation friend!!!

    have a beautiful hump day!

    ohhhhhh and i love apples…and it’s apple season!!! apples rock my face off!!! =)


  7. I never get tired of apples either 🙂 The skins seem to bother me so I’m limited to max two in a day, but if I wasn’t then I’d probably go through five or more!

    Whole Foods salads…oh, to be able to try one of those. I think I’d be quite happy eating them for lunch and dinner. Given that they’re meant to be so expensive, perhaps it’s fortunate that I don’t have access to them. I am also rather envious of that delicious pizza!

    Larabars are something I enjoy and find difficult to get hold of too, along with PB&Co peanut butters, hemp milk, decent gluten-free bread, PURE bars, kabocha squash, Sun Warrior Protein Powder, white sweet potatoes (particularly Kumara potatoes, which I haven’t seen in three years but are one of my favourite foods) and coconut milk ice cream. I would love to live in the US for the vegan food alone!



  8. Ahh so jealous of all your american food! That Z pizza looks scrummy too 🙂 I’ve made my own kale chips before too, just roast them with cider vinegar and salt until they’re crispy. Be careful though they burn fast! I’m not sure how they compare to shop bought ones but I like them!


  9. I just knew you’d love Z Pizza! So glad you got to try it. When I was in DC it was the foodie highlight of my trip!


  10. I usually don’t have a hard time finding food products that I want… but I do have a hard time NOT buying certain products… almond butter, raw honey… mmmmm…. jar after jar I tell myself I will not buy them again. And then I fail. PB Puffins too. It’s bad. lol

    I definitely need to find a Z Pizza near me… for the wine and gf/vegan pizza… seriously looks good. And WF Salads just might be my favorite “fast food” meal ever. 🙂


  11. Ooh, love your survival foods! And I totally agree that pizza is such a find, I would have been totally rocked by that as well! Hahaha, and wine, yes def. that counts as survival food too 🙂


  12. I hit up Whole Foods a lot too. It can be expensive but if you consider the quality of ingredients, they are not bad.

    I am not a huge fan of Mary’s crackers either. Weird taste to me. I do like the sticks and twigs better. More like a pretzel.

    Kale chips are super addictive. Yum.


  13. I used to do lots of contacting companies to get freebies for vegan events. A few years ago when you could still get Larabars in the UK I emailed them and they responded really enthusiastically. From my email address they thought I worked for Tesco! I explained that Tesco were just my internet provider and then they went cold on the sample idea. LOL. I wish they were still on sale here though. I got a whole box for £5 from the Bristol Vegan Fayre 2 years ago, must have been some of the last stock around 😦


  14. oh goodness, you have no IDEA how many foods i used to love back in Canada that i can’t find here (okay, maybe you do.) i was so used to having such a vast selection and everything pre-made for me, it was quite a shock when i couldn’t find even Greek salad dressing in Sydney. (you make your own?? what the?) i guess it was good for me though, get out of my comfort zone and all that. :p

    what kind of wine do you drink? you guys must have a crazy selection out in the UK! i love Australian wine, but i miss having options (95% of any bottle shop is Australia.) hey, if you ever have any questions about Aussie wine, please let me know. let’s just say i’ve tried a few:) (er, do they have to be vegan?)


  15. Congrats on being on the list of 50 best food allergy blogs…you are one of our favs!!!

    We have heard of Z pizza, we have not tried it, but maybe we will now. It sure looks good!! I just love the feeling of being able “to eat” something!!!

    And we love wine too!!!


  16. wait…england…sunny? You were being sarcastic, right?

    Anyway. I find it hard to get hold of my favorite Korean sweet potatoes. Cheap ones, anyway. And also, good dumplings. And good Asian noodles.


  17. yum yum! salads at whole foods are a dream – looove their garlicky kale salad mixed with a lil bit of everything.

    i ate organic gluten-free gummy worms today and thought of you!=)



  18. I’ve enjoyed your pictures of your east coast visit… the pics of DC bring back memories… I just moved from the DC area to San Diego, CA…

    I’ve been to all the places you mentioned! Just not all in the same weekend 😉 I love zpizza… but I wasn’t in love with the vegan cheese so I would get it cheeseless, but so glad that you could still go GF and vegan… it sounds like you’ve been having lots of trouble with your IBS of late, so it was good to see you found foods that didn’t upset your system while on vacation.

    Great pictures and thanks for bring back some good memories for me. 🙂


  19. hi Sarah! thanks, first of all, for visiting. Ive been trying to find help from somewhere before my doctors appointment (in a month), so Im struggling a bit.
    I read everything that I eat and make sure that its not cooked with anything with gluten/dairy. so whats going on then? do you think the gluten is still just getting out of my system?
    the only time I can think of is when I went to PFChangs a few weeks ago and Im pretty sure they didnt give me GF egg drop soup. I stopped taking vitamins, excercising etc. but still very serious BMs/weight loss. what do you think is happening?
    thanks so much for the advice and glad you got to visit the US!


  20. Congrats on the top 50 list! You totally deserve it.

    All the food looks so good…some of my absolute favorites. The Whole Foods salad has got me drooling over here. It’s probably a good thing the closest one is an hour away:)

    I actually haven’t seen kale krisps here. Where did you find those? Are they just like kale chips that you would make at home?


  21. Hey, I just came across your blog for the first time!
    I quite like it 😀 Expect me back, haha!
    And that pizza looks delicious, you can never go wrong with veggie toppings 😀
    Enjoy your Maranatha butters too, I love those!
    Have a great day


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