U.S.A. Trip – Part 2 and Thanks

Good Morning and Happy Weekend!

I’ve survived my first week in the Accident and Emergency Department and am LOVING it!  I feel so blessed to have this rotation.  My mentors are amazing and it’s a great working environment.  Hurrah.

Thank you so much for your kind words and advice in my last post.  Honestly, your comments, friendships and support are some of the main reasons I blog.  Since then I have been more mindful of what I eat and how my stomach feels.  I have started eating more carbs (vegan ones) and cut down on dried fruit, onions and nuts, which has really calmed my stomach down.  I tried happy eggs for the first time in over a year on Thursday and they sat quite well.  However, as far as I can I’m going to be maintaining my vegan ways and listening to my body in the process.    I’m still not sure about adding in fish but I will add in a friend’s happy hen’s eggs every now again (but not too often hopefully since I LOVE my vegan ways).


Anyway, enough of the boring IBS stuff.  Here’s the second part of our trip!

Part 2 of our trip proved to be more problematic than originally anticipated.  You see, our original and pre-arranged plan was to rent a car and drive to Williamsburg to visit friends via Washington for 2 nights.  However, on arrival in JFK on friday night Tom realised that he had forgotten his driving license.  The car was booked under his name as the primary driver.  Despite my being the second named driver and having my driving license, they would not rent the car to us.  So the following 48 hours in NYC were split between sight-seeing and frantically trying to find the most convenient and cost-effective way to visit Washington and Williamsburg.

Late afternoon on Sunday, and a Megabus ride later, we arrived in Baltimore greeted by our friends Meg and Paul (thanks Meg and Paul!) who then drove us to Washington (via Annapolis).  Monday we were ready to sight see!  Here goes…

The Mall.

Spot the tourist…


The White House!

A highlight for Tom was Washington’s Air and Space Museum.

Tom knows anything and everything about planes and even makes money out of his love for them so this visit was an essential.  I love that he’s a fellow geek.

My museum of choice was the American History where I had the privilege of…

Above you will see my hand next to President Lincoln’s hand!  Can it be!  Well, it was a model of his hand.  But there was a sign next to it inviting visitors to compare their hand size with that of Lincoln’s.  This baffled and amused me hence the photographic evidence and my face.

And there you have some of the highlights of our Washington visit.

Sorry there aren’t any foodie photos.  We planned to eat at Java Green’s Green Cafe but found out that it was closed on Mondays (after walking there to eat).  We ended up spending over an hour searching for somewhere suitable for dinner.  It was so stressful.  I hate not being able to find somewhere to eat when I’m starving.

I did however, eat A LOT of juicy, huge apples…

Thank goodness for fresh fruit!  (This was taken in the McDonalds section of the Air and Space Museum- I can’t believe McD’s was there).

Next up on the Tueday Paul kindly drove us to his and Meg’s home in Williamsburg… Part III next.

Hope you have an awesome weekend.  Any exciting plans???  I’m studying, gyming it, going to church and watching X Factor; my guilty pleasure (it’s our version of American Idol).



17 thoughts on “U.S.A. Trip – Part 2 and Thanks

  1. You have THE BEST facial expressions of anyone in the blogworld. Seriously, one snapshot of your face tells the entire story and I LOVE that about you! It always cracks me up. I think I’d be baffled by Lincoln’s ‘hand’, too.

    Glad you had a fun adventure…can’t wait to hear more!


  2. That does look like a huge apple! It amazed me when I went to America how many places you could find fast food places, they are everywhere aren’t they!


  3. I second The Voracious vegan on your expression. It is priceless.

    Nothing major for me this weekend, just studying lots of studying!


  4. Wow, what a good trip. I’ve been to Washington but as we were kind of touring we only stayed there for a day or so and I don’t really feel like I got to explore it very much. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back!


  5. Aw I’d love to go there! I have a fascination with American history, and know more American history than British history I think! I’m glad you’re enjoying your placement!


  6. I think you’ve found a lovely balance with your veganism and health. Dried fruit and onions are problematic for me too, as well as too many greens (broccoli and kale in particular).

    Loved seeing the picture of Lincoln’s hand…although for a minute I did think that it was an actual preserved/mummified hand *shudders*.

    Shame that restaurant was closed…I am not fun to be around when I’m hungry and dinner plans are thrown off! Can’t go wrong with an apple for a snack though 😉

    Quiet week-end for me: too much PhD work to get done!



  7. Didn’t know you were still in the US. I will be in DC in next month, sorry to have missed ya. DC has a lot of vegan places in the outside of the city but you kinda have to know where to find them. How annoying JavaGreen was closed! This has happened to be while traveling.


  8. I dont find your IBS and food challenge/allergy stuff boring…on the contrary!! Getting to the bottom of one’s own food/digestive issues, allergy issues, and how that intersects w/ the mental, i.e. vegan, issues sometimes…well, that’s not boring, that’s damn hard work and i love to read about your progress and thoughts 🙂


  9. Hi – just clicked over to your blog from What Runs Lori. Glad you had a nice trip to DC and NY and I am quite jealous of your Paris trip.

    I haven’t been to DC in a long time and would love to get back some day.


  10. Fun pictures of your travels!!! So fun to see new places! And what great pictures you have.

    Yeah, I hate it when I am starving and there is no healthy food in sight… and at least McDonalds had fresh fruit… ug!


  11. Loved this recap! Looks like you guys had such a great time:)

    I’m going to DC next month for the first time ever, so it gets me all excited to see your pics.

    I’m so glad you’re loving your rotation so far – yay!


  12. I congratulate you on sticking with veganism, Sarah!! 🙂 and on reading the comments on the previous post someone recommended to you coconut oil and also fasting from time to time, both great tips. I do juice fasts three days a month and it is fantastic! it makes wonders for my tummy and overall health.
    Another idea! you could sign up for a vegan mentor who also needs to follow a gluten-free diet, maybe you can meet someone through this association: http://www.vegansociety.com/VeganPledge.aspx
    And I am definitely watching the X- Factor too! 🙂 I stayed in the UK for 10 years and got quite hooked on that programme so now that I am working in Brussels I watch it online.


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